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As you will all know Adobe Flash will be sunsetted at the end of 2020 and as such many browsers will cease support and have already opted for optional support of the technology Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox.


BMC have been on a journey to remove these technologies from our various solutions and one of the biggest changes has been in our CMDB UI, the flash based Atrium Core Console, our updated CMDB UI is now based on HTML and Angular technologies. If you haven't made use of the new CMDB UI then details on accessing it can be found on


Working on this replacement project we have been looking at ways to not only replace existing functionality but also to reimagine how the CMDB is managed, making the most of the opportunity that has been provided to us.


The CMDB UI has refocused, giving actionable insights introducing KPI measurements and greater visibility and transparency to the CMDB data and operations using a progressive disclosure approach and removing clutter from the overall experience, for those new to the CMDB we added in app context sensitive help which adds rich guidance with direct links into, rich interactive guides and video content.


Class Manager received a reimagining and now provides a streamlined approach to managing the structure of the CMDB, we hope our customers find the new layout and functionality an improvement over the classic Class Manager functionality and find it easier to manipulate the data model using the new tool.


CMDB Explorer has been overhauled, and yes we know there are some behaviours that require some attention to make them more fluid and intuitive, however the work done here has allowed us to lay foundations for enhancements and ongoing work in this area.


At the outset of this journey we said we would look to rethink how things in the CMDB are done and that it would take several releases to complete our work, our finishing line is closing in as we work to complete our efforts along with Flash removal updates to other areas such as Approval Engine, SRM and updates to ITSM interactions with CMDB prior to the end of this calendar year.


To adopt the latest CMDB updates will require a platform upgrade, not applications, as CMDB is part of the platform installation.


Changes coming include adding the missing activities of the Reconciliation Engine functionality, introducing Dynamic Service Modelling functionality to the new CMDB UI, replacement of the CMDB Audit UI to align with the new framework, Federation capabilities and more functionality for Atrium Integrator.


I also want to make you aware the the current Service Catalog UI will not be replaced as is within the CMDB UI framework. We are working on our approach to managing this data and the shape this experience should take in a post-Flash landscape and provide an update as we move forward.


Our aims and goals remain the same, to progress the functionality of the CMDB UI and bring improved experiences which assist Configuration Managers and consumers of the CMDB with their daily tasks.


We welcome all constructive feedback on the new CMDB UI and look forward to completing this initial ‘technology replacement’ phase this year.


Stephen Earl

Principal Product Manager, BMC CMDB