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Hello Everyone,


I wanted to let you know that at the end of last week we released BMC CMDB 19.08, along with ITSM and AR System along with other products.


This release contains several items of interest and I wanted to quickly highlight them for you:

  1. Class Manager in the Dashboard driven UI: you can now manipulate the Common Data Model using our updated UI in a new streamlined and simplified Class Manager, we've stripped the Class Manager back to what is actually needed rather than containing superfluous information, but also enhanced it so it's easier to get things done!
  2. Atrium Integrator has also received attention in this release, you are now able to create end to end transformations for AI jobs directly in the new UI allowing for easier and streamlined experience, we aren't totally done here yet and there are some caveats, such as we do not yet support the concept of a separate file/source for the relationships between CIs via this method, you need to supply the parent CI in the child record.
  3. In the CMDB Explorer we have added the ability to run impact simulations, thus removing the need for a separate UI for the Impact Simulator it's now all just part of CMDB Explorer, you will also notice this has been embedded into the ITSM Mid-Tier UI too as part of our Flex deprecation efforts.
  4. Also Federated Actions (aka Launch in Context Federation) is now present and exposed in the CMDB Explorer with it's own configuration interface, we've also pre-configured for BMC Discovery so you can start getting value quickly from this powerful functionality.
  5. Changes to the CDM are also present in this release, with the technology world moving a pace we have updated the CDM again in this release with the following items:
    1. Introduced new attributes to BMC_Tag class to facilitate the population of Cloud Tag information by BMC Discovery
    2. Introduced a new 'informational' relationship class to allow you to relate anything to anything called BMC_RelatedTo this has no endpoint rules and does not carry Impact or Dependency information but allows you to, for instance, relate tags to any other CI. The intent here is to relation 'informational' CIs across the landscape
    3. We've relocated the 'isVirtual?' attribute from the BMC_System hierarchy into BaseElement, this is not a totally trivial exercise and we are not forcing you to adopt the move as part of an upgrade, but migrate the data at your pace. We will produce a Atrium Integrator job to assist with this via the Communities shortly. Anything using the API will now write to the new relocated attribute whilst your existing data will be left where it is.


This post highlights some of the major updates we've made, there are other defect fixes and updates made throughout the tool some refinements here and there but these are the larger more visible items for the details of everything we've been unto please check the Release Notes for 19.08. I'll leave you with some teaser screenshots of the Class Manager and update CMDB Explorer for now....


BMC CMDB Class Manager:


BMC CMDB Explorer with Impact Simulation and Federated Actions:


I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the BMC Helix Immersion Days in Santa Clara in September! Where we'll be running labs and sessions including CMDB Roadmap moving forward, the Configuration Manager Dashboard UI, CMDB Future concepts and functionality and I'll be at Evening with Engineering too! See you there....