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Hi Everybody


I wanted to quickly post that BMC CMDB 19.02 is now GA, and can be downloaded from the EPD site.


New in this release:


CMDB Explorer

Edit and Create CIs from the new Dashboard User Experience, be aware that editing CI information utilises mid-tier CI forms.


Explorer Complex model.PNG


CMDB Archiving

You can now move data into a CMDB archive from your active datasets, this allows you to preserve data for compliance and other record keeping purposes.

Archive CIs, their related CIs, define retention periods, select your CIs by query and define where the archive data will be stored.




Location attributes on relationships

Shift your data paradigm and you can now specify the detailed location information for CIs in relationships allowing for your physical locations to be less granular eg: buildings or campus and your relationships hold the specific room, rack or shelf locations.


Service Cost Modelling attributes

You can now provide cost apportionment (expressed as a percentage) and cost flow attributes between CIs on relationships allowing the CMDB to provide improved raw data to enable your service models and active data to support service costing efforts.



How will these features and a capabilities help your business to succeed with CMDB? Please comment below

Looking forward to our upcoming releases you can expect us to continue our User Experience evolution and much more!