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Well another release of BMC CMDB is in the wild and I wanted to quickly cover what we’ve been upto in 18.05.00 (find out more about the rest of the release here and from the Connect with Remedy webinar we held on Wednesday 20th June).


CMDB Search


In 18.05 we have introduced a new searching capability for the CMDB which provides greater flexibility for ‘power users’ and also easier searching for those who do not understand, or need to understand, the way the CMDB is organised and structured to find what they are looking for.


We have CMDB Quick Search for quickly finding CI’s that don’t require complex qualifications or relationship traversal, all you need to define is the Dataset you want to search in, we default to BMC.ASSET the Class you want to search again we provide the most frequently used as the default BMC_ComputerSystem, and the Attribute you want to search, all using typeahead menus etc. to ease the experience.


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 11.28.15.png


But we haven’t forgotten ‘power searchers’ in the new experience, here we have implemented some prebuilt complex searches that traverse relationships - the most commonly asked for - and also provided a custom option so you can build your own powerful searches in the UI.


You can then select a search result, or several and view them in our CMDB Explorer or export the results to a .csv file, you are also able to view CI details inline within the search results drawer.


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 11.24.44.png


CMDB Explorer


In this release we also introduce our all new CMDB Explorer which relies on the new searching capabilities as it’s root but then allows you to expand your understanding through visualization of the results and ability to filter and add additional search results to the new canvas.


The CMDB Explorer Canvas is where all the action takes place, along the left we have the toolbox which allows you to alter what is displayed and how it’s displayed and then along the top our CMDB Search ‘widget’ so you can search for additional content and bring that into your canvas to view.


We have implemented filtering capabilities, alternate layouts, hover over information when you are on a CI or Relationship object and also ‘inline’ CI Details view so you can see the details of the CI right there in the explorer window without having to jump to another screen, for those of you who are BMC Discovery customers this should appear pretty familiar as we were inspired by the work done in the Modelling interface within the BMC Discovery product.


Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 11.29.22.png


Our efforts and focus now shift over coming releases to completing our User Experience story, amongst other things, we are now working to bring you Edit capabilities to explorer, Modelling toolsets for Services and other collections of CIs, Sandbox capabilities and also other tools that remain in the CMDB toolset such as Class Manager, Impact Designer and Impact Simulator - these utilities and tools will be updated over coming releases to the new UX paradigm along with existing elements being updated.


BMC ‘Atrium’ CMDB


You will also note that, as we started in 9.1.04, our product name is being rebranded to BMC CMDB, this release introduces that change in product, you will also notice that in BMC Communities the BMC CMDB community is now located within the BMC Remedy ITSM suite hierarchy, we’ve taken this step to make it easier to find and also more logically aligned with he primary use of the CMDB - this change is a logical move and does not reflect anything functionally changing or aligning in CMDB moving forward - CMDB remains and will continue to be delivered with other BMC products, such as BMC Discovery.


We would love to hear your feedback on our new capabilities in CMDB in this 18.05 release, please make comments below.