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BMC does not support running Spoon in Linux, although we know it is quite possible from the Pentaho forums to do it.

What problems did you encounter when running Spoon in Linux (if you ever tried)?


Here is an issue we recently observed:


Short explanation: The culprit of the original error is that the /tmp filesystem had the “no_exec” option set to true, which kept any app to execute scripts there


Long explanation:

1) Replace the swt.jar from the BMC Pentaho's distribution (which is version 3.346 and located in "/opt/bmc/ARSystem/diserver/data-integration/libswt/linux/x86_64") by the distribution we downloaded from : (version 4.527)


2) edited (in /opt/bmc/ARSystem/diserver/data-integration folder) and substituted:




by :




(the only difference is  -Xbootclasspath/a:${LIBPATH}swt.jar, the reason why is based on:


3) Started Pentaho Spoon:


cd /opt/bmc/ARSystem/diserver/data-integration




There are more experiences here: Diethard Steiner on Business Intelligence: Having problems starting Pentaho Kettle Spoon on Linux? Here are some solutio…


Can you share yours?