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This post shares some diagnostic enhancements included in the Remedy Configuration Check Utility in BMC Remedy AR System Server (ARSystem) and BMC Atrium CMDB Suite (CMDB) version 8.1.01 (Service Pack 1).  The goal of the enhancements it to simplify the process of identifying, correcting, and reporting on configuration issues in the product.




A little background


The earlier post 12 steps toward a systems approach to diagnostics outlines different kinds of diagnostics which may be required for products such as BMC Atrium CMDB, and the subsequent post 7 Tools to verify BMC Atrium CMDB is working well describes the diagnostics available in CMDB at the time.

In Service Pack 1, we looked at how we could automate or simplify these diagnostics so they can be executed and collected more easily when required.   We looked at the AtriumCoreMaintenanceTool Health Check and the pre-checker described in this post BMC Remedy Pre-checker for Remedy 8.1 (unsupported) to see which would be the appropriate tool to extend.  The Health Check functionality in the Maintenance Tool is also at the completion of the installation – as the “Post Install” check.  This design limits which checks can or should be run from it. For example, if we automated the process of checking recommended configurations – they would always fail in the post install check as there would be no opportunity to configure the product yet.   So we decided the next step in the journey of automating diagnostics was to extend the  Pre-checker to provide a simplified user interface to execute diagnostics.



See the product documentation to learn more about the features of the BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility and how to access it.


The Pre-Checker was originally designed to detect environmental issues for install and upgrade, but since the scope of the tool has changed, it has been renamed the Remedy Configuration Check utility. It can be used not only to check the environment configuration before install or upgrade, but also to detect product configuration issues which are the causes of many post installation issues. This tool will also enable us to automate frequent issue troubleshooting steps.




BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility


The goals are to -

  1. Help administrators to troubleshoot configuration issues
  2. If the administrator is not able to resolve the issue, make it easy to gather and share test results





How it works


The BMC Remedy Configuration Check Utility is included with BMC Remedy AR System 8.1.01 (Service Pack 1) media.  The file can be extracted to the system to begin using it. For more information on downloading and extracting the utility, see To Obtain the BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility.




CMDB checks included in BMC Remedy Configuration Check utility


In Service Pack 1, the following list of checks has been added for CMDB.



1) CMDB - System Information


This feature makes it easy to collect information about the system easily. This feature may also make it easier to compare different systems running BMC Atrium CMDB or report it when working with Customer Support.

Note - Going forward, this check will be moved in the information gathering category.




2) CMDB Metadata Check


This check detects for pending CMDB class changes.  This check performs the same test which can be performed manually using the command line cdmchecker tool with the –g option.

You can find more info on cdmchecker in the product documentation.




3) CMDB Class Overlay Check


Overlay on CMDB could cause issue in upgrade process. This check detects overlay on CMDB classes




4) CMDB - RE Private Port


We recommend that Reconciliation Engine private queue configuration for performance reasons. If private queue configuration is not configured correctly, then there won’t be any performance gain. This check can be used to detect improper private queue configuration.




5) CMDB - Index Check


This check will provide references to out of the box indexes in CMDB version 8.1.01 and validate the indexes exist.  It will report error if any index is missing.





This blog post hopefully provides a better way of why the Pre-check utility was renamed and some of the new capabilities added.  This expanded functionality should make it easier to diagnose issues.   A few checks were added to this tool in version 8.1.01.


Stay tuned for new additions in future releases.



I hope you found this blog useful, please rate it below or add comments.  To find similar information, see BMC Remedy Support Blogs