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Non-vid-CET-2.pngIn this week’s post I want to introduce a new type of CET for Atrium Discovery, the non-video tutorial. Unlike video, a non-video tutorial does not have an audio portion. The tutorial viewer allows you to view each slide and read any narration that I’ve written to go along with the slide. Use the scroll bar (1) to scroll down to view the next slide and narration notes.


Now check out the section just below the tutorial viewer; just as with video tutorials, I provide a description, duration and access to any extra downloadable resources (2).  The version is just as important as with video tutorials so make sure you to take this into account when view a tutorial.  You can also rate each non-video tutorial just as you can for video tutorials (3).  Your ratings will help me improve the quality of all ADDM CET’s. So please provide your rating when you view a tutorial.


So why have non-video tutorials at all?


Well firstly I can create more new and refresh more existing material by having the option of producing some material as non-video tutorials.


Secondly I’ve received some feedback that it may be easier and faster for you to consume this way. But what do you think? Check out a few ADDM non-video tutorials and let me know what you think by providing a comment or just liking this blog post.  And check out part three of this series where I’ll talk about ADDM CET courses and tagged tutorial “bundles”.