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MF-Flow_FloatRight.pngHave you ever wondered how Atrium Discovery sees in the world of Mainframes?  Well, we have two Community Enablement Tutorials that will take you through how it all works and what you need to do to get the most from it.


The Mainframe Discovery I tutorial begins with the best practice steps to configure Atrium Discovery to communicate with the z/OS discovery agent and bring back Mainframe discovery data.  I also show how to use the newly enhanced credential audit trail to troubleshoot problems with the initial setup.


Mainframe Discovery II starts out with a basic primer of all the different Mainframe internal components and how they are modeled within the Atrium Discovery datastore. This is key to modeling the various business applications that may run across distributed and non-distributed devices within your estate. 


The second of these modules also touches on the mainframe pattern templates, and I explain how they can be used to enable certain mainframe discovery methods that were disabled by default.


If you’re interested in discovering Mainframes with Atrium Discovery, these will give you an excellent foot in the door!