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As part of widening the best practices knowledge within the BMC community, we have launched a project to create mini best practice videos. Each video will be between 3-8 minutes long and will be presented by BMC Architects, Product Managers, Professional Service Consultants, Software Consultants, industry experts, partners or customers. The first sets of videos that we have created are:




Purpose of a CMDB


  1. What is the purpose of a CMDB?
  2. Use cases where CMDB can help a customer
  3. How are customers using the CMDB? – Example 1
  4. How are customers using the CMDB? – Example 2
  5. Architecture of a CMDB/CMS
  6. Data flow within a CMDB
  7. Why you should never have a CMDB project?
  8. What is Federation?
  9. What is the right method of Federation?


Please let us know if these videos are useful to you. Also, if you have topics you would like to see best practices on or if you would like to share some best practices with the broader BMC community, please let us know.