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Have you ever wondered how Atrium Discovery is able to discover Windows hosts? Well, we’ve made it easier in our latest Service Pack.  You can find out how to configure Windows discovery by viewing the following Community Enablement Tutorials (CETs):


8.3.2's Windows Proxy Manager
Windows Discovery CET



Atrium Discovery Overview - Here I begin to show how Windows host discovery differs from hosts that are running a flavor of UNIX.


Configuring Windows Discovery - As the name implies, this module is entirely dedicated to Windows discovery.  By the way, there’s a great new way to set up and manage Windows Discovery in Atrium Discovery 8.3 Service Pack 2.  It’s not in the CETs just yet, but it’s in the docs, so you can go and see it there until we get a chance to put together a tutorial for it.


Discovery Credentials I - This tutorial explains how to setup discovery credentialsfor UNIX, windows and SNMP.


Then, finally, we have Discovery Credentials II.  This tutorial explains how to test basic session authentication and how best to manage and order your credentials.