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Community Enablement Tutorials (CETs) are for everyone that wants to know more about Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping.  There are modules that cover basics to advanced topics.

Where should I start?

Are you new to Atrium Discovery? Try viewing the Atrium Discovery Overview and Discovery Quick Start Guide.  First, the Atrium Discovery Overview provides a great first timers guide to Atrium Discovery, giving a better understanding of what kinds of data ADDM collects and how it stores the data in a way that is easily searchable.  Then go on to view the Discovery Quick Start Guide once you are ready to discover hosts within your estate.

What if you’re not new to Atrium Discovery...

What if you’re not new to ADDM, but are new to ADDM 8.3?  Try viewing the CAM Demo videos (they’re in the docs) and then the Mastering CAM Basics tutorial series.


These are a great place to start learning more about Collaborative Application Mapping - one of the things that really makes ADDM stand out from the crowd. Start with the CAM demo videos; as the name implies they are great place to learn how to use CAM.  Then go on and take in the rest of the Mastering CAM Basics series if you would like to start mapping business applications.   I’ve even provided a few CAM labs that will allow you to get a bit more practice at using CAM.


So, what are you waiting for – go and get started with the ADDM Community Enablement Tutorials.