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With every feature release we deliver a set of enhancements that are based on ideas from our customer community. Now that the BMC Helix ITSM 20.08 feature release is fully available (as SaaS release), I'd like to summarize which ideas are addressed in this release:


ITSM Applications / Smart IT

Allow Incident Templates to have related Tasks  by Cassius Downs

Needs attention flag in ITSM console tables by BMC

DWP-C - Smart-IT Integration: Provide Submit Functionality by Waldemar Rucha

Smart IT : Activity Log should capture Assigned Support Group by Florentina Rinciog

SmartIT - Relate Items "results" should allow Select All option by Tauf Chowdhury

In SmartIT, allow searching by Product Alias as in classic ITSM by Joel Brom

Add the Relationship Type of "Related to" for relating an incident w/ incident by Greg Donalson


AR System

Remedy SSO - Support for SHA256withRSA by Martin Penev



Replace the flash based FLEX UI in Atrium by Petrus Johansson

Add information for the reconciliation Copy activity into the new CMDB UI by Mircea Stoian

Class Manager in HTML5 (and Corners in Tickets) by Marco Fraundorf



I want to use the opportunity to thank all community members who contribute new ideas to the BMC Community and who are voting on existing ideas. While managing ideas from creation to delivery is a collaborative activity where many people are involved, most importantly I'd like to thank the community members who submitted these ideas. This helps BMC tremendously to understand needs of our customer base.


Peter Adams

Sr. Director, Product Management



Remedy AR System CMDB