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BMC Software announces the 20.02 Patch 1 release of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.


This patch release contains product fixes and consolidates the hotfixes that have been delivered for version 20.02 of the Remedy platform components (Remedy AR System Server, BMC CMDB, and Atrium Integrator). The 20.02 Patch 1 release also includes replacement of remaining Flash-based capabilities in Remedy and support for OAuth 2.0 in Email Engine for the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol to access Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange). Additionally, Smart Reporting 20.02 Patch 1 release includes performance improvements when designing a report with a calculated field and when broadcasting a report through email.


Downloading and installing version 20.02.01

Remedy 20.02.01 is available for the Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. Remedy Smart Reporting is available only for the Windows and Linux platforms.


To download and install this patch, follow the instructions provided in the deployment instructions for version 20.02.01.


Learning more about version 20.02.01

For detailed information about the patch and the list of issues that have been corrected, see the following patch bulletins:

BMC continues to invest in the containerization of Remedy, which today is available only as a part of BMC Helix ITSM (SaaS service), enabling you to use your choice of cloud (BMC Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure). For more information about BMC Helix, see