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This article will help you troubleshoot typical issues with custom fields in Smart IT


In Smart IT you are able to add the following types of custom fields:


  • Character
  • Large Character
  • Date/Time
  • Selection fields, such as drop-down, check box, and radio button fields
  • Integer
  • Real
  • Decimal
  • Static menus
  • Dynamic menus


NOTE: Ensure that when adding any field to any of the forms in Developer Studio both the property 'Display Name' and 'Database' don't contain _c delete this for every field in all of the forms.



For adding a field to the 'Incident View' for example, it is required to add the field in the following forms:


OperationForm name
ReadHPD:Help Desk
SLM JoinINT:HPDSLM:HelpDesk_SLM_Join_Outer


If you are going to add a field to the HPD:IncidentInterface which is a Join form right click on the form and add it from HPD:Help Desk instead of creating the field from scratch like below.




Make sure all the fields in the rest of the forms contain the same database ID.There are also times where the issues are related to defects so in that regard we advise our customers to try to always be on the latest patch for their current version. Now lets start discussing the type of issues that can arise.


Error Occurred during update request, Please try again


You are observing this error while removing or adding any attribute in the type specific area on any of the available views.1.png


From the Mid-Tier open the SMT:Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes, if this is a custom field that resides in the Asset View and it is added on the 'Type Specific Area' section open the SMT:Administration: Asset Customized Data Source Attributes form and delete the record pertaining the problematic custom field. You can take an .arx export of the record if you need to.




From the Smart IT database delete the records from the tables 'Customization Area Cell' and 'Customization Area Extension'









If the issue resides for example in the Asset View and lets say the fields is located on the 'Computer System' class you only need to delete the records for assetScreen.typeSpecific and where class is 'BMC_CompusterSystem' if this was added on the 'Generic Area' section for example, delete it for the asset.Screen.generic




Next proceed to restart the Remedy with Smart IT service and check if the error has went away, next proceed to reapply the custom fields and make sure you request BMC to get the latest patch for your version to avoid any defects and proceed to re add the fields.



Custom fields are not saving data on ITSM forms or are not saving changes after an 'Edit' action.


Open the SMT:Administration: Application Data Source Attributes form and validate the custom field exists on this form, if it doesn't go back to Dev Studio and make sure you saved all the changes when you created the custom fields in all of the different forms required.




Once that is checked, go back to Smart IT suppose you are working on a field on the 'Incident or Create Incident View' and open the Screen Configuration section. Remove the problematic field and click on the "Refresh Metadata" option and refresh the form SMT:Administration: Application Data Source Attributes form, once you are here validate the field has the 'Is it visible in UI' flag set to 'Yes'.





You are able to save values on the custom fields on the first time in the desired view but after an 'Edit' action the values disappear or get blanked out in Smart IT.



Check in Dev studio if the customer created a 'custom view' of HPD:Help Desk for example, if such is the case, go to the OOTB  'Best Practice View' and add the custom field here too.This would mean that the custom field should be in:

  • HPD:HelpDesk       Best Practice View
  • HPD:HelpDesk       Custom customer View
  • HPD:IncidentInterface
  • HPD:IncidentInterface_Create
  • HPD:HelpDesk_SLM_Join_Outer



Remove the field from 'Screen Configuration' and perform a 'refresh metadata' then re add the field again and re 'Refresh the Metadata' the field should be able to be edited and saved.


Adding 'Custom Fields' from a 'Custom View' is currently unsupported so we need to make sure the custom field lives in the 'Best Practice View' of whatever module is desired. On this use case it was Incident (hence we need to make sure the custom field also exists in the 'Best Practice View' of HPD:HelpDesk)




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