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It was not that long ago when the thought of an ITSM upgrade generated a feeling of dread amongst ITSM administrators. The thought of a seamless ITSM upgrade, that too without any down time was deemed far fetched.


From that state we came a long way by delivering three Helix ITSM production upgrades with Zero Down Time this past weekend , 06/21/2020.


This was possible due to tremendous collaboration between SaaS upgrade team, SaaS operations , Helix ITSM R&D and DevOps team members.


The building blocks that enabled this tremendous accomplishment are


> ITSM Architecture simplification, going from a monolithic architecture to a service oriented container model.

> Centralized configuration, moving configuration from files to a centralized system.

> Deployment Manager, a D2P package mechanism to publish and deploy ITSM content via packages that allowed Zero down time update and full rollback capability.

> Automation framework that enabled customers and partners to extend the automated test suite.

> End to end deployment pipeline leveraging Ansible playbooks.


The next phase of this journey is enabling mass ITSM upgrades.

Congratulations Team. Looking forward to the evolution of ITSM upgrades


Abhijeet Gadgil Ravi Vemuri Dinesh Elaprolu Peter Adams Tarun Sharma Sharma Jek Wong