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The world is quite a different place right now, and BMC wants to help you navigate some of these new challenges. This month, we cover the following topics:


Note: For COVID-19 response resources from BMC, see

Tools to support your organization working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the current crisis, much of your organization might be required to work from home. People who are not used to working remotely can face more challenges than usual, but you can provide tools to help them solve problems on their own or more easily get in touch with the service desk.


BMC Digital Workplace provides a modern self-service platform and a service catalog. As shown in the following diagram, you can place BMC Digital Workplace in your DMZ so that employees can access it without getting on the VPN.


This approach can help employees who run into issues accessing the VPN. They don't need to be on the VPN to find knowledge articles about how to access the VPN, or to file a ticket to request access or report an issue. For more information about this deployment, see High availability deployment for production (in the product documentation) and Reducing the load on your VPN when shifting Digital Workplace to a remote workforce (a Communities post).  If you're just getting started, take a look at this configuration example of replacing the Request Entry Console in BMC Service Request Management.


BMC Digital Workplace can help in other ways during this COVID-19 crisis. For example, you might create a bundle of offerings for remote employees who need a specific set of equipment (for example, VPN access, video and audio conferencing equipment, and a hotspot WiFi device). With the external users feature, a municipality might offer services such as prescription or grocery delivery to seniors and immunocompromised residents.


BMC also offers products that can improve communication between your employees the help desk. Some users prefer a chat interface—perhaps even more when practicing social distancing. With BMC Live Chat, end users can chat with service desk agents. From the Live Chat portal, end users can start a chat, as shown in the following screenshot.

Live Chat Portal.png

Agents can then chat through Smart IT. From the chat conversation, an agent can create a new incident request or update an existing request. For more information about BMC Live Chat, see the Live Chat documentation.


Another product, BMC Helix Chatbot, helps users self-help and submit requests. BMC Helix Chatbot integrates with both BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Digital Workplace Advanced. For more information about BMC Helix Chatbot, see this Orientation topic in the documentation or watch the Connect with Remedy Helix Chatbot webinar.


For information about integrating either chat application with BMC Digital Workplace, see Integrating BMC Digital Workplace with a BMC chat application.


Remedy ITSM and Helix ITSM can also help your company manage the new challenges we face. Due to the shift in employees working remotely, you may have an influx of emails to your support centers . In addition to handling approvals by email, Remedy ITSM and Helix ITSM can record and update incidents and work orders by email. If you haven't yet set up these capabilities, see Record creation and updates by email and Configuring email-based approvals. For a solution, read Handling an Influx of Help Desk Emails or watch the 5 1/2-minute video Handling an Influx of Help Desk Emails.


Through technology, BMC wants to help you meet the needs of your customers and employees.

COVID-19 Response: All BMC Education Courses Available Online

As the world is experiencing the increasing impact of the COVID-19 virus, we recognize that our customers, partners, and employees are being challenged in new and extraordinary ways. We want to help you continue learning and expanding your expertise. See our post on Communities to learn how BMC Education is responding to our customers' needs.

BMC Helix ITSM / Remedy ITSM User Experience Beta Program

We’re inviting you to get a sneak peek at what BMC is working on in terms of User Experience enhancements for our BMC Helix ITSM / Remedy ITSM solutions. You’ll have an opportunity to engage directly with BMC product experts, product management, and R&D to help validate and provide feedback on the new user experience capabilities BMC Helix ITSM / Remedy ITSM. For more information and how to register, see our BMC Communities post.

Remedy Version Support Dates

The following Remedy versions are nearing a change in support status. You can see version support status for all recent versions here.

VersionSupport StatusRelease DateFull Support End DateEnd of Support Date
9.1.03Full Support8-Jun-178-Jun-208-Jun-22
9.0.01Limited Support27-Aug-1530-Apr-1830-Apr-20
9.0.00Limited Support30-Apr-1530-Apr-1830-Apr-20

SAP Crystal Reports Viewer removed from Remedy AR System

With the announcement of the product obsolescence of BMC Analytics on March 30, 2020, BMC had also announced that SAP Crystal Reports Viewer integration with Remedy AR System (Remedy Mid Tier) is withdrawn. Starting with the obsolescence date (March 30, 2020) of that integration, BMC does not support this integration and BMC is no longer contractually entitled to distribute the SAP Crystal Reports Viewer software. BMC has already removed the SAP Crystal Reports Viewer software from Remedy AR System 20.02. As of March 30, 2020, BMC also replaced older versions of the Remedy AR System installers available on the BMC Electronic Product Download (EPD) site with versions without SAP Crystal Reports Viewer files, or removed older, unsupported versions of Remedy software. If you have configured the integration with SAP Crystal Reports Viewer, your existing Remedy AR System installation is not affected. However, if you perform a new installation of Remedy AR System (Remedy Mid Tier), Crystal Reports Viewer files are not available. For more information about the removal, see the Removal of SAP Crystal Reports Viewer from Remedy AR System Communities blog. For reporting purposes, we recommend that you use Remedy Smart Reporting or BIRT (Web) report with Remedy Mid Tier.

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