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With the announcement of the product obsolescence of BMC Analytics on March 30, 2020, BMC had also announced that SAP Crystal Reports Viewer integration with Remedy AR System (Remedy Mid Tier) is withdrawn.


Starting with the obsolescence date (March 30, 2020) of that integration, BMC does not support this integration and BMC is no longer contractually entitled to distribute the SAP Crystal Reports Viewer software.


BMC has already removed the SAP Crystal Reports Viewer software from Remedy AR System version 20.02.


Your existing Remedy AR System installation is not affected if you have configured the integration with SAP Crystal Reports Viewer. However, if you perform a fresh installation of version 20.02 of Remedy AR System (Remedy Mid Tier), Crystal Reports Viewer files are not available.

  • When you perform a fresh installation of version 20.02, the Crystal Reports Viewer libraries are not included. However, the optional BOXI settings continue to appear on the installation screen.
  • When you upgrade to version 20.02, the Crystal Reports Viewer libraries that are already installed in the previous version are still available.
  • In the previous versions, if you have installed Crystal Reports by using the MidTierCombined.war or MidTierCombinedWithRSSOAgent.war file, and you upgrade to Remedy Mid Tier 20.02 by using the installer, the existing Crystal Reports integration will not work.
  • For Microsoft Windows, Remedy Mid Tier version 20.02 WAR file does not include the MidtierCombined.war file. It includes a Midtier.war file, without Crystal Reports Viewer.
  • Starting with version 20.02, the AR System ODBC driver is not available out-of-the-box. For information about manually configuring the AR System ODBC driver, see the knowledge article on BMC Communities, How to manually configure AR System ODBC drivers on 64-bit Windows Operating System?


For reporting purposes, it is recommended to use Remedy Smart Reporting or BIRT (Web) report with Remedy Mid Tier.


As of March 30, 2020, BMC will also replace older versions of the Remedy AR System installers available on the BMC Electronic Product Download (EPD) site with versions without SAP Crystal Reports Viewer files, or remove older, unsupported versions of Remedy software.


If you do not have a backup copy of the older versions of Remedy AR System you are currently using, we recommend that you download the required versions before March 30, 2020.