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I'm looking forward to the inaugural BMC Helix Immersion Days 2019 event and the opportunity to engage with our customers and partners about the latest service management innovations delivered by BMC. Join us at this event to get insights from the leaders of BMC's service management product organization.


I'm going to deliver two sessions at the event. Each session is repeated on the second day, in case there is a conflict with other parallel sessions:


BMC Helix ITSM / Remedy ITSM: What's New and What's coming

Join the ITSM product management team for an overview of key enhancements delivered in the last two releases of the ITSM Suite. This includes information about improvements in the ITSM user experience (Smart IT), about extensions to core ITSM capabilities, and about improvements in the Remedy platform to reduce cost of operations and to simplify administration & integration. In the second part of the session we'll provide an update about BMC's strategy & roadmap for ITSM, incl. a preview into the exciting new capabilities that are planned for the future.


Adapting IT Service Management for the DevOps era: Swarming, ChatOps, and other new ways of thinking and working in IT

ITIL 4 is introducing a number of new practices for ITSM, which originate in the DevOps / Agile / Lean IT community. Doing ITSM in the DevOps era is more than just integrating ITSM tools with Agile SW Development tools - new concepts like collaboration, team autonomy, or reducing 'work in progress' can also be applied to ITSM activity, resulting in new practices like Swarming or DevOps. Join this session to learn more about these latest ITIL 4 practices and how to implement them in BMC Helix ITSM and Remedy ITSM.


Full Event Schedule:


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