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BMC Software announces the 19.08 release of Remedy IT Service Management Suite.


The 19.08 release delivers some exciting new capabilities for Remedy that include an ITSM calendar, a workspace to support customers via chat (Live Chat), and embedded self-help to navigate the UI using guided walkthroughs. As IT users, you can use Microsoft Teams for a ChatOps-type collaboration between agents. CMDB provides an enhanced Class Manager and CMDB Explorer from where you can navigate and understand the CIs. You can use the enhanced version of Remedy Smart Reporting to automatically share common content across multiple tenants. You can also optimize row-level security performance, use a new option to consume external REST APIs in the Remedy AR System platform, and benefit from the enhancements related to launchpad in Remedy Single Sign-On. In addition, the 19.08 release continues to improve on Remedy product quality and performance.


Smart IT 19.08 highlights


Ability to use Microsoft Teams for ChatOps-type collaboration between agents
You can use ChatOps to interact with other agents and experts, provide assistive behavior, and respond to commands and natural language requests. This enables you to get more information about the ticket and perform actions without having to switch context from the chat channel. This ensures more efficient issue handling and acts as an ideal platform for new ways of working such as Intelligent Swarming.


Introducing ITSM calendar
You can use the ITSM calendar to get an overview of the change and release tickets, business events, and outages.


Introducing Live Chat workspace
As support agents, you can use Live Chat to chat with self-service users to resolve issues, and create incidents and work orders directly from the chat. Live Chat enables you to escalate the user's issues to support agents seamlessly.


Introducing self-help
You can use embedded self-help with guided assistance to navigate the product and to actively complete tasks. From the self-help pane, you can start guided assistance, link to help topics, and watch videos relevant to where you are in the product and the work you are doing.



Remedy ITSM Applications 19.08 highlights

Integrate custom Asset CI classes with the inventory without customization
You can easily integrate custom classes with the inventory information of a CI by automatically setting the location information of any CI.

Remedy AR System 19.08 highlights

Ability to call the third-party REST APIs in a Remedy application
As a developer, you can call third-party REST API or external REST API and Remedy-hosted REST API by using Remedy Developer Studio.

Support for the single sign-on option for Remedy Developer Studio
As a Remedy system administrator, you can enable Remedy Single Sign-On for a developer who logs in to the Remedy AR System server through Remedy Developer Studio.

Performance improvement by using Subquery algorithm
You can use the Subquery algorithm on a form to fetch results faster from the RLS-enabled fields.

Support for Exchange Web Service in Remedy Email Engine
You can choose a new protocol called Exchange Web Service (EWS) as the email server type while configuring your mailbox.

Remedy Smart Reporting 19.08 highlights

Real-time synchronization of Remedy Smart Reporting users
Whenever any user is added, updated, or deleted in Remedy AR System, that user record is automatically synchronized in real-time in Remedy Smart Reporting by the User Sync utility.

Ability to automatically share common content across multiple tenants
For multi-company onboarding, as a Remedy Smart Reporting administrator, you can import the out-of-the-box content and the customized public reports and dashboards across multiple tenants automatically, through a scheduled escalation, instead of manually importing the content individually for each tenant.

CMDB 19.08 highlights

Streamlined and enhanced Class Manager
You can use the streamlined and enhanced Class Manager to navigate and implement changes to the Common Data Model.

Impact simulations native in CMDB Explorer
You can use the CMDB Explorer as your one place to navigate and understand the CIs, as the functionality of the Atrium Impact Simulator is now natively a part of the CMDB Explorer.

Create end-to-end Atrium Integrator jobs natively in the Configuration Manager Dashboard UI
You can create end-to-end jobs and manage data stores in the Configuration Manager Dashboard UI.

Remedy Single Sign-On 19.08 highlights

OAuth 2 support for native clients
OAuth 2.0 authorization framework for third-party applications supports OAuth 2.0 for all types of native applications.

Enhancements to the launchpad functionality
You can display any application on the Digital Service Management page. Additionally, you can use the search and filtering options that have been implemented on the LaunchPad page in the Remedy SSO Admin Console.

System accessibility
Section 508 has been implemented for the Remedy SSO end-user facing pages, such as the Login page, Change passwords page, and so on.

BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management 19.08 highlights

Pre-built integration between Microsoft Azure Monitor and Remedy IT Service Management incidents
As a Multi-Cloud tenant administrator, you can enable the pre-built integration to create incidents in Remedy IT Service Management based on alerts such as metric alerts, activity log alerts, and so on in Microsoft Azure.

Ability to share activity notes for the Remedy IT Service Management incidents
As an agent working in Remedy IT Service Management, whenever you add activity notes to an incident, the corresponding Azure DevOps work item gets updated with the activity notes and the author information.

Support for custom field types in JIRA
You can map custom fields created in JIRA, JIRA Service Desk, and Azure DevOps to the fields in Remedy IT Service Management.

Support for sharing attachments with JIRA Service Desk
As an agent working in Remedy IT Service Management, you can share attachments associated with an activity note of an incident with JIRA Service Desk.

Enhanced dynamic risk calculation
In risk management configurations, you can update the risk value and weightage of a CI from CMDB to calculate the risk level of a change request.

Downloading and installing version 19.08 of Remedy IT Service Management

This feature release is available for download from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

This 19.08 release continues to use deployment packages for the upgrade of Service Request Management, Service Level Management, and the other Remedy IT Service Management applications from version 18.05, 18.08, or 19.02. The use of deployment packages makes the Remedy IT Service Management applications upgrade process faster. If you are upgrading to version 19.08 from earlier versions (for example, version 9.1), you must use the upgrade installers to upgrade to version 18.05 and then apply the deployment package. The upgrades of Remedy AR System, CMDB, Smart IT, and Remedy Single Sign-On continue to be done via installers, directly to version 19.08. For more information, see Remedy Deployment.

Learning more about version 19.08 of Remedy IT Service Management

The Remedy 19.08 release includes many more additional product enhancements and fixes. For detailed information about the enhancements in this release and the list of issues that have been corrected, see the release notes for each component.


BMC continues to invest in the containerization of Remedy, which today is available only as a part of BMC Helix ITSM (SaaS service), enabling you to use your cloud of choice (BMC Cloud, AWS, and soon Microsoft Azure) for the SaaS service delivery. For more information about BMC Helix, see

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