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This month, we cover the following topics:

BMC Helix Immersion Days | September 16-18, 2019, Santa Clara Marriott

Join us and discover how cognitive service management is imperative for your service management strategy. Sessions will include customer case studies and hands-on solution labs. You’ll gain a clear understanding of key service management issues and shared experiences from the industry professionals who have been there. Register Today!

19.05 release feature highlights

The 19.05 releases provided significant enhancements across the Digital and Cognitive Service Management product lines. Here are some of the highlights.


DevOps integration for Azure DevOps Services in BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management
You can integrate Azure DevOps Services with BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management. With this integration, when you create an incident in Smart IT, an Azure DevOps work item is automatically created, and the converse. For more information, see BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management 19.05 enhancements.


Improved web UI for better end-user experience in BMC Helix Chatbot
The BMC Helix Chatbot web UI works across all form factors. The progressive web UI includes new avatar for agents, better navigation for knowledge articles that are displayed in the chat window, and direct download of attachments from the knowledge articles. For more information, see BMC Helix Chatbot 19.05 enhancements.


Conditional execution of tasks in BMC Helix Business Workflows
As a case business analyst, you can define task sequences that are executed only if specific conditions are met. For example, you can define separate task flows for a full-time employee and a contract employee. The graphical task flow designer provides an easy method to add tasks, define conditions for task execution, and sequence them as required. Add tasks to the case template and define trigger conditions that trigger different task flow branches. For more information, see BMC Helix Business Workflows 19.05 enhancements.


Cognitive Search support in BMC products and for custom applications in BMC Helix Platform
The Cognitive Search Service is now included with the BMC Helix Platform for use in custom applications and other BMC products. You can perform cognitive search across BMC Helix Platform data and external data by using the natural language query. You can also use cognitive search to analyze data and handle data enrichment requests for data change events. For more information, see BMC Helix Platform 19.05 enhancements.


Validation utility for running Helix connector environment health checks in BMC Helix Platform Integration Service
BMC provides a command-line utility for running health checks. You can use this utility to determine if the environment for BMC Helix Connector Designer is set up correctly and to troubleshoot Docker-related issues. For more information, see BMC Helix Integration Service 19.05 enhancements.


Support for confidential questions in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced
You can tag questions as confidential when you create questionnaires for services that originate from BMC Helix Business Workflows. This capability is useful while creating HR service requests that could contain confidential information. For more information, see BMC Helix Digital Workplace 19.05 enhancements.


Enhanced LDAP authentication in Remedy Single Sign-On
You can configure the LDAP page size and specify multiple Server Hosts for using LDAP in failover scenarios. For more information, see Remedy Singlie Sign-On 19.05 enhancements.

Remedy performance webinars

Missed our webinars about Remedy performance? You can check out the recording at your convenience.  Choose from any or all of the following webinars:

Remedy Developer Studio troubleshooting guides

Check out the latest troubleshooting guides that Support and R&D developed. The following links are are in the AR System version 18.08 documentation, but are also available for version 19.02:

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