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I believe true innovation can only happen when you completely immerse yourself to understand the challenges customers go through every day.  Empathetic listening requires to “seek understanding” - to be in your “customer’s shoes” in order to be able to truly see, taste, hear, feel, and smell what they experience every day.   This is a story of true innovation.


I recently have had the privilege of bringing BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management to market. Customers are able to effectively manage cloud services in a hybrid, multi-provider environment. It provides out-of-the-box solutions to address advanced service management challenges related to cloud services and to enable DevOps teams to work seamlessly with multiple applications.


So how did this truly unique and industry-leading innovation get brought to market?  It started one day when my team was tasked with solving a simple yet daunting problem statement:  how to deliver service management across multiple cloud services and/or providers seamlessly from a “single plane of glass”?

We poured through all of our information from various surveys about custom add-on ITSM applications our customers had built over the years investing their own resources. We found ticket-based integration with other systems to be a common theme. Many customers had built home-grown ticket brokering solutions using custom, non-scalable technologies. Instead of talking to these customers, we listened.  We heard that many of these “solutions” were back-end based extended workflows with hard-coded mappings which resulted in frequent failures and high frustrations. They made it clear that what they wanted was some way to “broker tickets” with pre-packaged integrations based on a modern extensible and modular platform. My team was excited, we were on our path to innovate this breakthrough solution.


We initiated a full series of roundtables with end-users and customers to hear their truth. Their ticket brokering was antiquated and cobbled with many different, disparate solutions. They needed to make sure they were not just doing a “rip and replace” drill to take out their existing solutions to replace it just for the sake of new technology. During these conversations, another common wish emerged: “if we could just link our ITSM and DevOps tools, our lives would be so much better.”  Our eyes lit up:  we found our “Eureka” moment.  The developers did not want to move out of the agile development tool and service management folks were frustrated by not being able to support at the speed of development and business needs.   We were delighted as we found our true innovation mission: deliver a seamless service experience across multi-cloud environments. Thus, BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management was born.


We have seen tremendous customer growth since our launch and the solution is extremely popular among our customer base. During the last 6 quarters, we have had 6 releases with pre-built, out of the box connectors and flows delivered. Guided by customer feedback, we have been pragmatic, nimble, and agile with our approach and have tweaked many dimensions along the way.


The emphatic and exciting industry reception certainly stems from our continued empathetic listening to our customers. Our team is able constantly and consistently delivers more and more value-added features.



For more information on BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management, please review:

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