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Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere and it's not just the weather that's hot! See below for the latest patches, education offerings and other updates.

This month, we cover the following topics:

Smart IT 2.0 Patch 2 available

Remedy with Smart IT 2.0 Patch 2 ( was released June 28 and is available for the Windows and Linux platforms. This patch release contains product fixes and updates. Smart IT supports MongoDB versions 3.6 and 4.0.9. However, BMC recommends that you upgrade to Smart IT version 19.02, because the latest Smart IT architecture does not require MongoDB. To download and install patch 2, follow the instructions provided in the Patch 2 for version 2.0.00 documentation. For the list of issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.

Learn about Smart IT recommended patches

Check out the BMC Helix Remedy and Discovery YouTube channel for Smart IT videos, including Recommended patches for Smart IT performance!  Don't forget to subscribe, so you are notified of new videos.

Pre-upgrade checks

Planning an upgrade? Check our recent blog post that covers the prerequisites you should consider ahead of performing an AR system platform upgrade.   This post covers prerequisites for performing and upgrade through the installer. It also includes prerequisite requirements when applying any patch or hotfix through D2P.  Understanding the prerequisites will help you avoid any issues, so you can experience a smooth upgrade.

New Education Courses and Certifications

There are four new ITSM-related courses available as Web Based Training (WBT) and Instructor Led Training (ILT).  These courses provide ITSM  application administers with architecture, application concepts,  and configuration best practices through hands-on exercises.   Corresponding online certification exams are available for each set of courses.  Click the links below for details:

MongoDB 3.4 going out of support in January

MongoDB 3.4 Support ends in January, 2020. Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace versions earlier than 18.05 use MongoDB. BMC recommends upgrading to the 18.05 or later versions of Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace, which do not use MongoDB. If you do not upgrade Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace, you should upgrade MongoDB to version 4.0.9, or you can upgrade MongoDB to version 3.6. For more information on the impact of the end of support of MongoDB 3.4 on Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace, see this KA.

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