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BMC Software announces the 19.05 release of Remedy Single Sign-On. This release delivers significant new functionalities that customers have requested, as well as various defect fixes.


Remedy Single Sign-On 19.05 highlights


Key features and changes include:


Enhanced LDAP authentication

You can configure the LDAP page size and specify multiple Server Hosts for using LDAP in failover scenarios.


Cross launch BMC Remedy Single Sign-On in nested iFrames

You can configure Remedy Single Sign-On authentication can to launch in nested iFrames.


Additional API endpoints for branding the login page

You can use API endpoints to brand your Remedy Single Sign-On login page.


Downloading and installing version 19.05 of Remedy Single Sign-On


To install Remedy Single Sign-On, follow our installation instructions at Downloading the Remedy Single Sign-On installation files.


Learning more about version 19.05 of Remedy Single Sign-On


For detailed information about the enhancements in this release, see the Remedy Single Sign-On release notes. For the list of known issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.