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Welcome to the April issue of Hot Off The Press, our regular newsletter to bring you the latest news and information on BMC Digital Service Management products.

This month, we cover the following topics:

Remedy version 19.02 supports Java version 11

With the release of version 19.02, Remedy AR System now supports Java version 11, in addition to Java 8.  For the first time, Remedy AR System can also be used with OpenJDK (version 11 only) in addition to Oracle Java SE.  Note that if you upgrade your Java version to 11 after you install AR System version 19.02 on the same server, you must update the server configuration to avoid server start-up problems caused by -XX:+UseParNewGC remaining as a JVM option.  For more information on the configuration changes needed to avoid server start-up problems, see the following documentation topic: updating java paths after upgrading java.  For detailed information about all compatibility aspects of Remedy AR System and ITSM applications / Smart IT, please see Remedy ITSM Suite Compatibility 19.02.

BMC Digital Workplace 19.02 includes a revamped user interfaces and other enhancements

BMC Digital Workplace 19.02 is now available and has exciting new features based on customer feedback. Check out the What's New in BMC Digital Workplace blog to learn more.

Self-solve resources are available 24/7

The BMC Support team is providing you with lots of new self-solve resources. You can use these resources to solve your problems faster, and also to receive proactive product support information. For more information visit and bookmark Remedy ITSM: Support What's New.

BMC Analytics end of life in March 2020

As previously communicate in our Statement of Direction,  BMC is planning to End of Life both BMC Atrium Dashboards and Analytics and BMC Analytics for BSM. After March 2020, BMC will no longer provide BMC Analytics for BSM in the cloud.

Update to MongoDB migration utility for Smart IT

Starting with version 18.05, Smart IT no longer uses MongoDB for storing social data. If you are planning to upgrade from Smart IT 2.0 or earlier to version 18.08 or 19.02, get the update to the MongoDB migration utility attached to this BMC Communities post.

Looking to get started with Smart Reporting?

Here are a few resources to learn more about Smart Reporting:

Additional resources

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