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Please join Bob as he presents on Remedy AR System Licensing Overview during the May 2019 webinar.


In this session he will cover what types of licenses are available in the AR System, how licenses are consumed (and released), how to observe and track license usage, as well as more advanced topics like Server Group and AR client behavior as they relate to licensing.


Robert Poulos is a Lead Product Developer


Below is the recording from the live webinar including Q&A asked during the event.  The recording is also available as a podcast on iTunes.



Additionally, you can find questions discussed during the webinar session in an attachment or on this online document.


Presentation References


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Licensing Overview


Working with BMC Remedy AR System licenses


License types for users to access BMC Remedy AR System server


Releasing Floating Licenses to a license pool


For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Jeff Hudson

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