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March brings us new releases, new classes, new videos and much more. Read on!

This month, we cover the following topics:

19.02 releases are now available

The 19.02 releases of Remedy ITSM Suite, BMC Digital Workplace, BMC Helix Platform, BMC Helix Business Workflow and BMC Helix Integration Service are now available! If you did not receive the proactive notification emails last week and want to receive these notifications in the future, go to the BMC Support website, login, select  My Support > Product Alerts (Proactive Notifications), and enroll. Please join the Remedy product management team in March’s Connect with Remedy Webinar to hear about what's new in Remedy 19.02. Click here to register for the webinar.

Smart IT 18.05 and 18.08 performance fixes

To prevent and address Smart IT performance problems on versions 18.05 and 18.08, follow the steps and apply the fixes as explained in Knowledge Article KA 000163544 (Spanish version KA 000163593).  In addition, we highly recommend that any customers currently on Smart IT 18.08, also apply patch 1, which was released in NovemberFor more information about patch 1, click here.

Latest Remedy hot fixes

We created a knowledge article that provides FTP locations for the latest Remedy product line cumulative hot fixes. To download the latest hot fixes, please refer to KA#000164912 (you must be logged into Support Central to view the KA).

Latest education offerings

BMC Education offers web-based training (WBT) and instructor-led courses. The following are some of the latest education offerings:

Remedy with Smart IT 1.4 now in Limited Support

Remedy with Smart IT version 1.4 is now in Limited Support. To review what Limited Support means, see recommends that customers move to a fully supported version. Our latest release, 19.02, is fully supported for 3 years. Version 19.02 includes the following enhancements:

  • The Smart IT chat function supports swarming by providing a new set of functions to facilitate this collaborative approach to ticket resolution. The new command line option within the Chat UI enables you to get more information about the ticket and to get suggestions that might help to resolve an issue.
  • You can now copy change requests, so that you can easily create new change requests that are similar to the already existing change requests.
  • Users with only the knowledge viewer permissions to access the Knowledge Console.
  • Smart IT now provides more information about Status Reason changes in the Activity notes.
  • And more – For the complete list, click here.

Blog posts about BMC Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace Support team recently wrote some great new blog posts about Digital Workplace Catalog.  Digital Workplace Catalog allows you to design your workflow to determine what happens  when you submit a service request. It integrates seamlessly with Remedy IT Service Management through its built-in connectors, and with Integration Service you are able to connect to a range of other systems. But what if the system you want to connect to is simply not available or if you need to extend the functionality beyond the Digital Workplace Catalog core components? That’s where Remote Server Integration comes in. These two blog articles will help you to get started: how to set up the server, define the interface, and even more importantly, these articles explain you how to get the most out of the Remote Server Integration:

Check out these other new useful blog posts, too:

Latest videos

Have you subscribed to the Remedy and Discovery YouTube channel? If not, you might have missed some of our latest videos:

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