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As part of BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 1902 release, we have embedded our OEM partner Yellowfin 8.0 version. In addition to the features offered in Yellowfin 7.3 version, the following features are added in Yellowfin 8.0 version which are available in Smart Reporting 1902 release.

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting 1902 includes Yellowfin 7.4 and Yellowfin 8.0 features.



Smart Reporting 1902 New Features/Enhancements


S.No.Smart Reporting 1902 / Yellowfin 8.0 FeatureDescription

New Collaboration feature with advanced interactive capabilities.

With Stories, users can share and have a dialogue about their business metrics, and provide external context that happens outside their data and human narrative without the need for external tools, such as email, or third-party documents. Stories merges visual analysis with text, so you can perform long form analysis, in a collaborative environment, by including reports, images, videos, with text. The simple UI enables you to tell a story, much as you would be writing a blog post with ease.

2Import / Export WizardUI experience for end user is changed.
3Automated Data Discovery

Automated Insights automatically provides immediate answers without the user having to dig through all their data searching for the exclusive piece of insight.


There are two types of insights.

Instant Insights – This is designed for End User. Advanced algorithms instantly carry out the work of expert data analysts, providing users with automated insights based on the relevance of their data. Business users will be able to use this functionality effortlessly on their charts with minimal effort. With the click of a button, they can choose to get a deeper explanation of the data they are seeing, or compare data on a chart to understand differences.

Assisted Discovery - This is designed for Report Writers. A new Smart Analysis button has been included in the report builder. This allows users to perform assisted data discovery with the help of a new Insight Wizard.

4Bookmarks and SnapshotsBookmark/Snapshots icon has been shifted to the left side of the report output page
5Conditional Formatting OptionsEnhanced the conditional formatting rules. In a single rule itself, we can apply cell background color, font color and font styles
6More number of icons in Report CanvasMore number of conditional icons added in Report builder.
7Conditional widgets on Report canvas

Create conditional rules using canvas widgets, such as charts, text, images and shapes on the canvas.

For example, we can hide charts when a rule's condition is matched.

8ViewsNavigation Changed from Admin Console to Browse section
9Tool tipsThe tool tip has been updated to display more information, and be more interactive. The interactive features include performing auto analysis, filtering content, and data drilling.


For detailed information about the above mentioned features, refer to the BMC documentation.

BMC Remedy Smart Reporting version 19.02 enhancements - Documentation for BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 19.02 -…


You might want to refer to the attached pdf that lists all the features available in Yellowfin 7.3.