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To kick off 2019, we have combined the January and February newsletters. We have a lot to share with you in this edition, so read on for the latest news and updates!

This month, we cover the following topics:

  • AR System security vulnerability on Linux servers
  • Mid Tier 18.08 Patch 1 and AR System 9.1.04 server
  • Oracle licensing changes for Java
  • Google Cloud Messaging deprecated
  • Recent Remedy webinars
  • Top viewed knowledge articles
  • Remedy versions now and soon in Limited Support
  • Additional resources

AR System security vulnerability on Linux servers

BMC Software has identified a security vulnerability (CVE-2018-19647) that could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to gain arbitrary code execution as the system user. Only AR System on Linux servers are vulnerable to this issue, and the exposure is limited to scenarios where an attacker is on the same network as Remedy AR System. See our AR System Community blog post for detailed information and access to the fix.

Mid Tier 18.08 Patch 1 and AR System 9.1.04 server backward compatibility issue

There is a known compatibility issue with using Mid Tier 18.08 Patch 1 to connect with a 9.1.04 AR System Server.  The Mid Tier patch will not deploy and will generate ERROR 9713 and ERROR 306 errors.  This issue does not affect 18.05 or later AR Server environments.  To resolve this issue, you must apply a hotfix to your 9.1.04 AR Server prior to deploying the 18.08 Patch 001 Mid Tier package.  For further information about this issue and the hotfix, see KA 000160561.

Oracle licensing changes for Java

Oracle announced a major change to their licensing policy and release cadence for Java SE (Standard Edition including both JDK and JRE). See our Knowledge Articles to understand what this means for Remedy and Digital Workplace.

Google Cloud Messaging deprecated

As of April 10, 2018, Google deprecated Google cloud messaging (GCM) and the service will be completely shut down by April 11, 2019.  Firebase Cloud Messaging is their replacement for GCM. Digital Workplace and Smart IT use GCM for Android push notifications. Hotfixes will be made available for Digital Workplace 18.02 and above and for Smart IT 2.0 and above to support Firebase and keep the notification functionality intact. The fix will be included in the upcoming 19.02 release. You can read more info about GCM deprecation here:

Recent Remedy webinars

Over the past few months, Remedy webinars focused on troubleshooting and how to proactively understand performance of your server group environment.  Missed the webinar? You can watch the following webinar recordings:

For more information on the webinar series and other past webinars, please see Connect with Remedy Webinar Series.

Top viewed knowledge articles

Run into an issue, and trying to self-solve? We might have a knowledge article (KA) for that. Check out these new communities posts to see the top viewed KAs for the last quarter:

These posts will be updated regularly to help you find top trending KAs.

Remedy versions now and soon in Limited Support

Remedy versions 9.1.00 through 9.1.02 are now in Limited Support. Smart IT version 1.4 will go into Limited Support on February 26. To review what Limited Support means, see

BMC recommends that customers move to a fully supported version. Our latest release, 18.08, is fully supported for almost 3 years. Version 18.08 introduced a rich set of valuable features and new options for Cognitive Service Management. For a summary of the enhancement delivered by BMC in recent Remedy releases, see As you can see in the summary,  we made many improvements to the upgrade process (specifically for the Remedy platform). An upgrade to the latest release (18.08) from Remedy versions 9.1.00 through 9.1.02 will be easier than previous upgrades. Note that Remedy 18.08 is not a new major release. It is a feature release based on the Remedy 9.1 code line. There are no major technology changes.

As a reminder, you can always review the end of support dates at under A-Z Supported Products. From this list, you can search for the product. For example, for Remedy ITSM Suite, this information is published at

Additional resources

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