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Seamless Service Management with BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management 18.11


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Happy to announce, a brand-new version with lot of new capabilities of BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management 1811 is now GA and will be rolled out to our production customers!! We continue to add exciting features to the themes we have embarked upon. You can now turn-on Jira integration for Problem records in ITSM and collaborate using Smart IT. You can view Jira ticket information on the problem records in all Smart IT clients. Support for many more field types in Jira is delivered in addition to attachment support for Salesforce ServiceCloud. Many more refinements including ability to actually see the user who commented, drill down to Jira ticket and a bunch more!

It’s amazing to note the progress we have made and how far along we have come with the 5th GA release of BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management in so little time. We appreciate all the input from many of you through the journey and wishing you all a wonderful holiday season ahead. Thank you for being an important part of us!

What is BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management?

Multi-cloud service management solutions enable multi-provider brokering to efficiently manage and resolve issues. When organizations embrace service management tools, it enhances the ability to secure better service from multi-cloud service providers. For instance, IT can manage tickets across multiple cloud providers utilizing one integrated service desk. It also enables direct collaboration with multi-cloud providers such as AWS or Salesforce Service Cloud to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues as well as proactively inform employees of planned service outages utilizing a federated calendar.

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Beyond Incidents and Change

In addition to gaining control over Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) issues or incidents, service management provides the visibility and insight needed to ensure that CSPs are operating and delivering to expectations. As such, it’s possible to monitor multiple cloud services against the parameters of established SLAs. At the same time, the most dynamic tools provide an integrated service desk that shields agents from the complexities of differing cloud service management systems.

Modern service management solutions, like BMC Helix, also provide out-of-the-box integration with DevOps tools such as JIRA. For the DevOps manager, these capabilities mean resolving incidents directly in JIRA including associating multiple JIRA user stories with remedy incidents.

Because of their collaborative and seamless nature, having access to service management tools enables IT to provide better customer service with less downtime due to unresolved issues. It results in cost-efficient and effective resolution of problems.  Flexibility to choose the best solutions and not worry about the level of support service.

The more informed IT is on the management of the organization’s cloud service provider investment, the more likely it is to provide in-house teams with the predictable high-performance environments they need to succeed.

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