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This article presents a detailed overview on steps required to Re brand Smart IT for Apple iOS client using iPA or XCArchive


On Apple iOS devices you can re-sign Smart IT manually or by using the iOS re-signing and re branding utility provided by BMC. This blog will focus on steps via Re branding Utility only and below are key task covered in later steps in detail.


  1. Get Apple root certificate
  2. Create App ID/bundle ID for  ( Smart IT, Watch and watch extension)
  3. Add Smart IT, watch and extension with ‘App Group’
  4. Create iCloud container and associate it with Smart IT ( watch and extension is not needed )
  5. Create CSR for production, and upload to apple then download it to desktop  and add to keychain
  6. Create Provisioning profile ( Distribution) for all three ( Smart IT app, watch and extension )
  7. Ensure to download CSR and Provisioning profile ( all three) in key chain by downloading and reading it into keychain
  8. Run Resigning utility (.dmg file)
  9. Create project and complete configuration section ( enter Smart App, Watch and Extension info)
  10. Complete entitlement section for (Smart IT app, watch and extension )
  11. Resign utility
  12. Connect an IPad or iPhone with MacBook and go to Quick Player and start a movie

Use Xcode deployment


General requirements


  • You must have Apple Macintosh OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later to run the iOS re-signing and rebranding utility.
  • From the App Store of Mac OS X, download and install Xcode version 8.2.1 or later, and its corresponding Xcode Command Line Tool on your Mac machine. Note that installing Xcode is a one-time activity
  • Must have an iPhone/iPAD to connect and test.



Get Apple root certificate


1) Using your Apple Mac Book machine , Open browser and navigate to Download Apple Root Certificate from




2) Once certificate is downloaded, double click it and it will be installed in keychain. You can verify in keychain access as below



3) Login to Apple Developer Account

and click on  option "Certificate, Identifier & Profile.

Note* Ensure that you are logged in Enterprise Account ( Top right corner in below screen print )



4) Create an Application ( i.e .Smart IT) APP ID by selecting App IDs in Identifier section




5) Provide Bundle id in below format ( per your company domain name ). Below is merely an example


6) Complete the registration


7) Once Register, Reopen App ID



For above created smart IT support App ID, below options ‘App Group’ and ‘iCloud’ needs to be enabled. To enable this, we need Watch and extension App ID. Steps to create these are provided in next few section.


Register Watch


8) Create another App ID for Watch.

Enter Watch application Name

9) While Providing Bundle name for Watch, use the same bundle ID created in Step 5 and append the word ‘watch’



Register Watch Extension


10) Create another App ID for Watch Extension

Enter Watch Extension application Name



11) append the word extension in bundle ID created in step 9


12 ) Verify that All three Application ( created in above steps) appear under App IDs




Create ‘App Groups’


13) Create App Groups for Smart IT application. In Identifier, provide the name of Smart IT App ID bundle Identifier as per Step 5 above.


14) Rerun to App Identifier and open Smart IT app id, You will notice that App Group is enabled for this app now

Note* It was disabled in Step 7 above.



15 ) Associate App Groups with Smart IT bundle ID





Create iCloud containers


16) Create iCloud container for Application Smart IT

17) Associate iCloud container with Smart IT  bundle id



18) Smart IT App ID has App Groups and iCloud container Enabled now



For Watch and Watch Extension, we need only ‘App Groups’ to be enabled ( no iCloud)


19) Enable App Groups only ( no iCloud) for App ID Watch


20 ) Perform Step 19 for app ID Watch Extension as well ( use similar steps and screen print as in above step 19)



Create Distribution certificate (CSR)


21) Create CSR distribution certificate for production.



Note, Above Screen print is generic Steps to create CSR..




22) Open Apple Macbook machine, open Keychain Access and follow below screen prints



Double click certificate to install it in Keychain



Create Provisioning Profile (Distribution)


23 ) For Smart IT app ID, click On distribution and follow below screen print






24) Select The app from drop down ( Smart IT app ID if this provisioning profile is for Smart IT App. Choose Watch if it is for Watch Provisioning Profile OR choose Extension if it is for Extension provisioning profile ) created in step 5





25 ) Create Provisioning profile for Watch and Watch Extension following step 23 & 24





Run Resigning Utility


26) On Apple Mac book, run Resigning Utility. This utility can be found at below location where Smart IT is installed



Create a Project and choose version



27, On Configuration TAB, Enter the values as we created on Apple Developer website ( for Smart IT App , Watch, and Watch Extension bundle ID )





28) Select Entitlements ( This requires X Code on Mac Book to edit )



29) Provide details on below screen and Save File for Smart IT app Entitlement..

These values can be found by opening Provision profile for Smart IT/Watch/Watch Extension in text editor ( Step 24 and 25 )



30) Example of Smart IT provisioning file in edit mode ( any text editor on Mac book machine)


31) Provide details on below screen and Save File for Watch app Entitlement.


32) Provide details on below screen and Save File for Watch app Entitlement.


Note* Value for step 31 & 32 can be found by opening Provision profile for Watch/Watch Extension in text editor ( Step 24 and 25 and 30 )


33) Select Project and click on Re-Sign.



Before 1805

Download Smart IT_ipa file from Smart IT server to local hard disk on MacBook

Path: /opt/bmc/Smart_IT/Smart_IT/smartit/download

File Name: Smart IT_ipa file


1805 and greater


Download file to local hard disk and unzip it to choose folder/file

Path: /opt/bmc/Smart_IT/Smart_IT/smartit/download

File Name: Smart_IT.xcarchive (After unzipping file)



34) Provide path of xcarchive or iPA location ( as per above applicable version)

Select  Apple Distribution certificate

Provide path of Provisioning Profile




35) Once new iPA file is created, go to build folder




Test The newly signed IPA on a iPhone/iPad before publishing to other users


Refer to attached document for steps on how to test newly signed IPA.




I hope that example in this blog was helpful to understand how to Re Sign Smart IT application for Apple iOS clients. To see more like this, see BMC Remedy Support Blogs.



Ravi Dubey