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BMC is excited to announce general availability of the new Remedy 18.08 feature release with the following solutions components:

  • Remedy Platform 18.08  (incl. Remedy AR System, CMDB)
  • Remedy ITSM Applications 18.08  (incl. Remedy Service Desk, Remedy Change Management, Remedy Knowledge Management, Remedy Asset Management, Service Request Management, Service Level Management, Smart IT UI, and Remedy Smart Reporting)
  • Remedy Single Sign-on 18.08

This new version 18.08 of the Remedy SW is generally available for download via EPD for on-premise use and can be requested from BMC for BMC Helix Remedy (SaaS) customers.


This set of product/component releases is complemented by releases of BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management 18.08, BMC Helix Cognitive Automation 18.08, BMC Helix Chatbot 18.08, BMC Digital Workplace 18.08, which are expected to be available very soon.  BMC Software also announces the full distribution of Smart IT 18.05 including the latest patch, Smart IT 18.05 Patch 004.


Even though the 18.08 release was just a 3-month release and thus has a smaller payload that previous feature releases, the release delivers a number of exciting new capabilities for Remedy, in support of BMC’s focus on leveraging cognitive technologies for improving ITSM activities, on delivering a modern user experience, and on enabling easy integrations with external systems. In addition, this latest release continues to improve on Remedy product quality and performance.


With this blog, I'd like to share information about some of these enhancements with you. It is not meant to be a detailed discussion of each enhancement, but rather should serve as an overview of the key enhancements and values that have been delivered in this release cycle, and as a launch point to pages which provide additional detail. For a complete overview of all enhancements delivered in version 18.08, please review the Remedy ITSM 18.08 release notes. I also recommend that you attend the upcoming  Connect with Remedy - Remedy 18.08 Feature Release Webinar  to get further insights into the Remedy 18.08 feature release.



Cognitive Service Management

Leveraging the existing Machine Learning service (BMC Helix Cognitive Automation) that has been integrated with Remedy at the platform level, BMC is continuing to implement new, valuable end-to-end use cases that make use of this ML service to boost Service Desk productivity. With this 18.08 release, Remedy can automatically analyze incoming email and determine the appropriate incident template for auto-creating an incident. This reduces the need for manual triage of email-generated incidents, an activity that consumes significant time for Service Desk organizations that allow employees or external customers to send issues via email. Manual management of keyword-based rules is no longer needed with this cognitive auto-triage.

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 1.28.30 PM.png

In addition, BMC has also refined the user interaction for the previously implemented cognitive auto-categorization use case, so that users can leverage the proposals by the ML service with fewer mouse clicks.


Smart IT UX Enhancements

Smart IT - the new, innovative user experience for Remedy ITSM - has been enhanced in two main areas:

Dynamic Provider Actions

With release 18.08 it is possible to automatically trigger the execution of Smart IT Provider Actions (custom Remedy server workflow) when editing incidents. You can define the trigger conditions for incidents via Expressions, which enable the system to automatically run custom workflow on the Remedy server and return information to the Smart IT view of the incident. This enables a number of interesting use cases, which Active Link workflow has been used for in the mid-tier UI

Minor UX Refinements

Due to the short release time frame and the focus on quality after the removal of MongoDB, the 18.08 release introduced only some minor UX refinements: Knowledge article search results now show the article status (for example, Draft or Published). The list of recommended tickets now only shows tickets from the same company. The positioning of the Incident Description field in the template for the notes already entered by the agent, is now improved.


New CMDB UI Enhancements

With version 18.08, companies can configure how the KPI metrics of the new CMDB dashboard are calculated. Also, users with non-admin user permissions - e.g. Service Desk agents - can now access the new CMDB UI, with a limited set of functionality according to their persona needs.


BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management Enhancements

Version 18.08 BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management, expected to be available shortly, introduces support for a new use case beyond ticket brokering and integration with agile SW Developments systems: you can now use BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management to easily consolidate tickets from departmental or regional ticketing systems on to a central Remedy ITSM instance. Such departmental / regional system could be another Remedy ITSM instance or a 3rd-party system. BMC delivers a set of pre-built connectors out-of-the-box, e.g. for Jira Service Desk systems, but additional connectors can be developed as well. In addition, BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management has also been enhanced to seamlessly share and receive file attachments for integration with Salesforce Service Cloud.


Remedy Platform Enhancements

BMC now grants customers an additional limited license to use Remedy Smart Reporting to define and generate reports for custom Remedy applications not related to IT Service Management. You are limited to seven user licenses for creating/editing/managing reports for custom Remedy applications. Of course you can distribute reports to multiple recipients.

You can now use Remedy Single Sign-On (RSSO) to enable OAuth 2.0 authentication by the Remedy AR System REST API. Remedy SSO can also enforce session quota to control simultaneous user logins and prevent brute force attacks by enforcing an account lockout policy for multiple unsuccessful login attempts.

In the new Remedy Management Console, you can now configure the Console to display more that six operations metrics. Also, it is now possible to use graphics (like dials) to display them.

Last but not least, BMC now offers content-level prechecks for a deployment package of the Remedy Deployment Application. Content-level precheck helps you add a more specific check to the package by checking a condition that you have set at the form level. For example, when BMC offers a patch for Remedy IT Service Management and you are not using Remedy Asset Management, deploying a package containing fixes for Remedy Asset Management might result in errors. You can define a content-level precheck that will prevent deploying the Remedy Asset Management patch from being deployed in your environment.

For more information, please see 18.08 enhancements - Documentation for BMC Remedy Action Request System 18.08 - BMC Documentation


Faster, zero-downtime Remedy application upgrades from 18.08 with Deployment Packages

The 18.08 release also introduces a new upgrade approach for Remedy IT Service Management applications, Remedy Service Request Management, and Remedy Service Level Management when upgrading from version 18.05 to 18.08: BMC delivers the delta between these two versions as Deployment Package, which has to be applied on top of Remedy 18.05. That makes the deployment of the objects updated in 18.08 very fast and simple. By default, this approach also enable zero-downtime of ITSM application upgrades, but if the deployment of an additional reconciliation packages is required, then this may require taking the ITSM applications offline - depending on the content of the deployment package. Please see 18.08 ITSM Deployment product documentation for more details about this new upgrade approach. Please note: the upgrade to version 18.08 from earlier Remedy versions (such as 9.1.x) first requires an upgrade to version 18.05 through the installer followed by deploying the Deployment Package for version 18.08.


Containerization and BMC Helix Remedy 18.08

BMC continues to invest in the containerization of Remedy SW, which is only currently available as a part of BMC Helix Remedy Service Management, enabling you to use your cloud of choice (BMC Cloud, AWS, and soon MS Azure) for Remedy SaaS service delivery. For more information about BMC Helix, see


Note: With the 18.08 release, BMC has shifted the six-month Remedy release cycle by one quarter to releases at the end of February and at the end of August. The next release is expected at the end of February 2019.


I'd like to use this opportunity to thank the entire BMC product organization for their hard work on delivering this release in time and with high quality. And I'd to thank everyone who's actively engaged in the BMC Communities. The Remedy community spaces - Remedy ITSM, Remedy AR System and CMDB - are the most active spaces in the BMC Communities, delivering immense value to the entire Remedy customer base and to BMC, and your contributions help to make this such a great place to hang out. Special thanks to the community members who have contributed ideas that we have implemented in this 18.08 release cycle. Looking forward to continue working with you on making sure that Remedy remains the leading ITSM solution and platform in the market.


Peter Adams

Director, Product Management