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BMC is excited to announce general availability of the new Remedy 18.05 release with the following solutions componetns:

  • Remedy Platform 18.05  (incl. Remedy AR System, CMDB)
  • Remedy ITSM 18.05  (incl. ITSM applications, Smart IT UI, Smart Reporting)
  • Remedy Single Sign-on 18.05
  • BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management 18.05

This set of product/component releases is complemented by the release of BMC Digital Workplace 18.05.


The Remedy 18.05 feature release deliver exciting new capabilities in support of BMC’s focus on modern user experience, integration with external systems, reduced TCO for the Remedy environment, and improved support for compliance initiatives like GDPR. Most importantly, it simplifies IT Service Management and Platform Administration significantly. In addition, this latest release continues to improve on Remedy product quality and performance.


With this blog, I'd like to share information about some of these enhancements with you in this blog post. It is not meant to be a detailed discussion of each enhancement, but rather should serve as an overview of the key enhancements and values that have been delivered in this release cycle, and as a launch point to pages which provide additional detail.


Smart IT Enhancements


Smart IT - the new, innovative user experience for Remedy ITSM - has been enhanced in three main areas:

Architecture Simplification:

Fewer servers required for deploying Smart IT together with Remedy ITSM. MongoDB is no longer needed, as social data will be stored in standard Remedy ITSM database, saving resources and reducing operational effort.

Improved Smart IT UI Configurability:

This 18.05 release builds on the enhanced tailoring and customization capabilities already available for Incident and Change records, by extending the capabilities to Work Orders and Tasks. Administrators can reconfigure forms by adding, moving, or removing fields, including custom fields, and by implementing expressions to make dynamic changes to field visibility, access, and optionality. Enhanced Provider Actions enable integration of server-side custom workflow directly into the UX

Integration with BMC Digital Workplace Advanced:

The new 18.05 version of Smart IT now allows to take advantage of the full benefits of Smart IT's Smart Recorder functionality when using BMC Digital Workplace Advanced as service catalog and request fulfillment solution. Customer's previously submitted DWP service requests are visible within Smart Recorder and can be reviewed in detail. DWP service requests are also accessible via Global Search and the Person Profile screen.


New CMDB User Experience

BMC continues to add to the capabilities of the new CMDB UI, with the goal to eventually completely replace the Flash-based CMDB UI. With the 18.05 release, BMC is introducing a the new modern web UI version of the CMDB Explorer with a user experience closely aligned with BMC Discovery (see screenshot above). In addition, BMC is delivering a new CI search widget that available on top of all screens of the new CMDB UI. With 18.05, a large portion of the capabilities of the Flash-based CMDB UI are now also available in the new CMDB UI, with much better capabilities and user experience.


Deployment Application (D2P) for Automated Deployments

BMC has significantly enhanced the Deployment Application, which now includes an automation interface (CLI) for the Dev-to-Prod mechanism. This supports continuous, automated deployments (DevOps), which can be invoked from the automation / orchestration tool of your choice. Also, support is added for additional objects like CMDB classes and attributes, ITSM Application Templates (Incident, Change, and Work Order) as well as the ability to extend the underlying D2P framework to support custom content packages. There are improvements to the security and permission model of the Deployment Manager Console, which also includes the ability to import the BMC signed package (patch).


New Remedy Management Console

To help customers further reduce total cost of ownership and simplify administration of Remedy, BMC is introducing a new Remedy Management Console for Remedy Administrators that helps make administration, monitoring, and operations of the Remedy server group environments more efficient. The new console consolidates key metrics across multiple servers, allows companies to manage their log settings across the server group, and introduces a new global / local configuration concept, which allows to define Remedy server configuration parameters once for the entire server group, while allowing for exceptions on individual servers.


Remedy License Management Enhancements

The new 18.05 version makes Remedy license management simpler. Administrators can now start managing Remedy user licenses in the system in alignment with how their company bought user licenses. Bundled licenses (platform and application user licenses combined) can be assigned to users, and consumption of bundled licenses is controlled and measured by the system. License management now extends into Knowledge Management as well. The new capabilities are introduced as opt-in options. Existing license configurations continue to work as before.


Identification and Management of Personal Data for Data Privacy and GDPR

The Remedy 18.05 solution provides capabilities that help administrators address the personal data protection and privacy requirements associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is a set of rules and principles governing the handling of personal data of individuals located in the European Union (EU).



More Information

Additional information about the Remedy 18.05 feature release, please review the Remedy ITSM Suite 18.05 release notes at 18.05 enhancements - Documentation for BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 18.05 - BMC Documentation

For more information and further details about the Remedy 18.05 feature release, please watch the June 2018 Connect with Remedy webinar on June 20.


Some Additional Comments

A few comments at the end about the new release - not related to new functional capabilities:

Version Number

With this release, BMC is moving to a time-based release numbering for Remedy, in alignment with other BMC solutions. Each release number is selected by the targeted release date. 18.05 represents the fifth month (May) of 2018. The traditional interpretation of major/minor/SP release types does not apply anymore. We are calling these regular releases in a 6-month cadence "feature releases".  With this shift in release numbering, we better reflect our time-based release strategy.

Version dependency for Smart IT

Smart IT 18.05 is released on a Controlled Availability (CA) basis. The code is fully production ready - this is not a beta release. However, for a limited period - we're targeting about 3 months - our aim is to ensure that BMC can provide close support and guidance to early adopters of the release, and maintain visibility of each adopter's progress. As a result, downloads of the installers are subject to approval by the BMC product organization, and you'll see a popup message when you're trying to to download the Smart IT 18.05 software. If you are interested to participate in the Smart IT 18.05 CA program, please fill out the following registration survey

Welcome to BMC Helix

Last but not least, if you haven't seen already, I want to direct your attention to my recent blog post BMC Helix – What does it mean for Remedy ITSM Customers , that explains what BMC Helix is and how it is relevant for Remedy customers.


I'd like to use this opportunity to thank the entire BMC product organization for their hard work on delivering this release in time and with high quality. And I'd to thank everyone who's actively engaged in the BMC Communities. The Remedy community spaces - Remedy ITSM, Remedy AR System and Atrium CMDB - are the most active spaces in the BMC Communities, delivering immense value to the entire Remedy customer base and to BMC, and your contributions help to make this such a great place to hang out. Special thanks to the community members who have contributed ideas that we have implemented in this 18.05 release cycle. Looking forward to continue working with you on making sure that Remedy remains the leading ITSM solution and platform in the market.


Peter Adams

Director, Product Management