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On June 5, BMC launched BMC Helix Cognitive Service Management, which delivers everything-as-a-service with intelligent, omni-channel experiences in the cloud.


I’d like to share some insights about what BMC Helix is and add some comments specifically from the perspective of BMC Helix Remedy – explaining what this could mean to you as Remedy customer or partner.


BMC Helix – Cognitive Service Management on Your Cloud of Choice


BMC Helix is BMC’s new brand for our end-to-end, multi-cloud SaaS offering that reinvents traditional ITSM by integrating cognitive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, by helping companies address the challenge of ITSM in a multi-cloud environment, and by giving customers a new choice to decide in which Cloud the ITSM service is offered. With BMC Helix, our customers can transform every layer of service delivery for end users, agents, and developers, evolving their ITSM service management from reactive to proactive and predictive with the highest level of accuracy and speed.


BMC Helix is our common brand for the suite of SaaS offerings centered around Remedy, Business Workflows, Digital Workplace, Discovery, Client Management and Innovation Suite. These core solutions can be expanded by optional add-ons, such as:

  • BMC Helix Chatbot, integrated with BMC Helix Business Workflows and BMC Helix Digital Workplace, driving an omni-channel experience for end users with support not just for Web, but also for Slackbot, Chatbot, SMS, and Skype.
  • BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management, integrated with BMC Helix Remedy or Remedy ITSM on-premise, enabling automation and collaboration for the interaction with external service providers or development teams.
  • BMC Helix Cognitive Automation, integrated with BMC Helix Remedy or Remedy ITSM on-premise, BMC Helix Innovation Suite, and BMC Helix Business Workflows, allowing solutions to use a Machine Learning service to automatically classify unstructured data within the solutions, helping companies e.g. with auto-categorization of tickets or auto-selection of case templates when creating cases from incoming email.


With the delivery as SaaS model, BMC helps enterprises to effectively run their ITSM solution by reducing time and effort of upgrades, driving operational efficiencies, and scaling elastically.


At the core of BMC Helix are three key attributes, which reflect our focus and our uniqueness:

  • Cloud to Multi-Cloud: BMC Helix delivers all capabilities as-a-service, helping customers to easily consume and stay current with their ITSM capabilities. On top of that, BMC enables efficient ITSM processes in a multi-cloud, multi-provider IT landscape.
  • Containers: BMC Helix is a SaaS offering provided in customers’ choice of cloud, including AWS and BMC Cloud. Containers enable BMC to deliver this choice of cloud. More cloud options for the BMC Helix SaaS service are planned for the future.
  • Cognitive: BMC Helix helps enterprises transform from ITSM to Cognitive Service Management with artificial intelligence, machine learning, bots, and virtual agents


More info about BMC Helix is available at


BMC Helix Remedy: Delivering Predictive ITSM Across Multi-Cloud Environments


So, what does the BMC Helix initiative mean to you as Remedy customer and partner?


First of all, with BMC Helix Remedy being a key part of the BMC Helix suite, BMC confirms our commitment in Remedy as the flagship ITSM solution with market-leading capabilities, as reflected in the #1 position in Gartner’s latest ITSM Critical Capabilities report. Furthermore, Forrester conducted a multi-step approach to evaluate the impact of BMC Helix Remedy had on organizations. Interviewed companies realized gains in productivity, service and cost efficiencies among many other benefits. In the study, Forrester concluded that companies who invested in BMC Helix Remedy had an overall three-year an ROI of 304%, much better than other solutions.  You can read the Forrester Spotlight Report here.


You may have noticed that Remedy is the only solution in the BMC Helix suite with a non-descriptive name. This reflects the importance of the Remedy technology, the Remedy brand, and the comprehensive Remedy ITSM solution for BMC.


Second, while BMC Helix emphasizes BMC’s long-year expertise in delivering software via a SaaS model and BMC’s continued investment in the SaaS delivery option, fueled by a strong demand from our customer base, BMC is committed to continue supporting and further enhancing our Remedy on-premise capabilities. The Remedy platform enhancements delivered in the most recent 18.05 release reflect that we continue to help customers operated their on-premise environments in a more cost-effective way. In fact, our investment into Remedy-as-a-Service will benefit on-premise customers as well. Example: while containers today are only available as part of BMC Helix Remedy, it is planned to make them available to Remedy on-premise customers as well, after a while, delivering a much easier way to upgrade the Remedy platform SW and to automatically scale-in and scale-out. BMC believes that the SaaS delivery option has many advantages for our customers. A recent Forrester TEI study of customers who had moved their Remedy solution to the cloud reveals the total economic impact and the best-in-class ROI period of the SaaS delivery model. BMC Helix Remedy supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments seamlessly which allows companies to make the transition to SaaS on their own terms. BMC Helix Cognitive Automation and BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Service Management can be easily combined with your on-premise Remedy ITSM solution. This enables you to leverage BMC’s investment and focus on ITSM transformation through digital and cognitive capabilities with a quick return of investment. BMC is ready to help you update your Remedy solution into the multi-cloud whenever you are ready.


Last, but not least, BMC Helix Remedy is a manifestation of BMC’s continued innovation with service management, but architecture evolution is also happening in many other aspects of the Remedy solution, specifically with our 18.05 release cycle. Starting with version 18.05, BMC supports a much simpler deployment architecture - for example, no more need for MongoDB when deploying BMC Digital Workplace (MyIT) or Smart IT. BMC makes it much easier to efficiently and consistently configure and manage a Remedy server group environment. BMC continues to build out the new UI tailoring capabilities for Remedy ITSM, which help companies implement UI logic simply and without the disadvantages of UI customization via JavaScript. And BMC makes it easier to configure your license limits in alignment with how you have purchased user licenses.


The Remedy product organization is excited about the BMC Helix launch and the transformative nature of our investment into the 3 C’s of BMC Helix Remedy: Cloud to Multi-Cloud, Containers, and Cognitive


Let us know your thoughts how you think cognitive technologies and multi-cloud integrations will change your ITSM practices over time.


Peter Adams

Director, Product Management