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We pleased to announce that Smart IT 2.0's period of controlled availability is now ended. It is now generally available. Please note however that we are intending to release a standard patch within a few days.


BMC Remedy with Smart IT came about as a result of our drive to redefine the standard for user experience and collaboration in enterprise ITSM tools. We set out to address the perception amongst customers, prospects, analysts and the wider industry that ITSM tools might be becoming something a commodity. With a relentless focus on user experience, built on hundreds of days of on-site observation, dozens of individual interviews, and countless hours of design and development, Smart IT has been truly popular amongst end users. As such, it has been a major part of our work to secure and grow Remedy at the forefront of the Enterprise Service Management solutions market.


As with all previous Smart IT releases, Smart IT 2.0 is available at no additional license cost to existing BMC Remedy IT Service Management customers.


From versions 1.0 through to 1.6 we have been steadily broadening the range of personas enhanced by Smart IT, and have continually introduced innovative features such as the popular Smart Recorder ticket-logging interface.  Smart IT 2.0 now adds significantcustomizability and configurability to this already transformative user experience. The primary aims are twofold: to provide a new set of tools in Smart IT to enable BMC Remedy customers with significant Mid-Tier customizations to implement them in the new interface, and to enable innovative new changes to the Smart IT interface to optimize the experience for individual customer needs.


Hence, Smart IT 2.0 allows the administrator to:


  • Change the layout of the Incident and Change forms, placing custom fields wherever they are needed, moving existing fields, and hiding any out-of-box fields which are not required.
  • Dynamically control the key properties of fields (hidden/visible; read-write/read-only; mandatory/optional), and set data to fields, using logical expressions which execute in real-time as the user works on a record (even on mobile!).
  • Add custom fields to the ticket console, and filter records using them.
  • Take advantage of a significantly enhanced "provider action" capability, enabling server-side workflow actions to run in the Smart IT client, and creating icons alongside fields on the form to run them.


We are delighted to introduce this next step on the exciting Smart IT journey, and we look forward to working with you as you adopt it and benefit from it.


Screen layout configuration: Reordering fields in a section


Creating dynamic field behaviors


Enhanced Provider Actions enabling server-side workflow to process in the Smart IT client