Looking to upgrade to the latest version of Remedy ITSM? To take advantage of the new innovations from BMC both in the platform as well as the ITSM application.

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From our experience of performing hundreds of upgrades we recommend the Fresh Install and Migrate option. The Fresh Install & Migrate method has all the benefits of the common Copy & Upgrade method but avoids a number of the disadvantages. While, historically, this method was not frequently selected due to the data migration speeds of the conventional AR System tools; it could take a full month of data migration to copy over all the existing data in your database. Alderstone CMT solves this problem; it typically takes no more than a day to migrate all the data for a system to the new environment. Therefore this provides many advantages when coupled with the Alderstone CMT solution:


  • The fresh install of BMC Remedy ITSM is more often successful first time, requiring less technical oversight
  • Invalid workflow and unneeded enhancements are not automatically brought forward into the new version
  • Less impact to the business of a long change freeze
  • Possible to avoid delta data migrations altogether


Fresh Install & Migrate method will create and then switch existing users to a new parallel architecture. This allows all the new components of the architecture to be built and tested prior to cut over. For example, it may be necessary to upgrade or change the database, OS or infrastructure to support the new version. This method will start with a fresh installation of the ITSM stack. A fresh installation has a higher degree of success than an upgrade of an existing application. All data is copied from the existing Production system.


This method requires data and change management practices to keep the current and to-be Production data sets aligned. If the data set is small enough then delta-data migrations may not be required and this can reduce the scope of change and data management. This method can be used even if the underlying database is being changed, for instance, from Oracle to MS SQL. Because CMT is used to migrate all the data, this allows data to be migrated selectively, for instance allowing older data to be archived or excluded from the upgrade. This method is especially useful if upgrading from a much older version of ITSM as it effectively shortcuts the upgrade process by removing the necessity to perform multiple upgrades.


Fresh Install & Migrate methods include the following key activities which are core to the upgrade and data migration;

  1. Planning
  2. Infrastructure Preparation
  3. Manage Customizations
  4. Prepare for Migration
  5. Emulated Cutover
  6. UserAcceptanceTest
  7. Production Cutover


Please note that a BMC Remedy ITSM upgrade project is likely to include a range of other activities not described here, such as training, communications, integration management, stakeholder management, auditing, compliance, etc. This is not intended as a guide to all such activities within an upgrade project. The following diagram shows gantt-style representation of the sequence and relationship between these activities.


Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 3.59.53 PM.png


Note that the Infrastructure Preparation and Manage Customizations activities will typically overlap. This is because it is possible to start work on managing the BMC Remedy ITSM customizations before all components of the infrastructure are complete. Alderstone CMT can be used during the Manage Customizations activity to help identify customizations which have been applied to the Remedy system.



For additional technical information on the fresh install and migrate methodology please get in touch with us. Our team are very happy to talk you through key activities in detail as well as other resources to ensure you're next Remedy ITSM upgrade is successful.