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BMC is excited to announce general availability of new Remedy releases as part of our Fall 2017 release cycle:

  • Remedy 9.1.04  (incl. Remedy AR System, CMDB, ITSM applications)
  • Remedy with Smart IT 2.0.00
  • BMC Multi-Cloud Service Management 17.11


With these new feature releases BMC continues its path to innovate IT Service Management, augmenting the classic ITIL process focused approach with new digital and cognitive concepts that make IT staff more efficient, improve user experience and increase agility - especially for customers with multi-cloud, multi-provider IT environments. At the same time, BMC is introducing a number of significant improvements to its Remedy platform, further reducing cost of operations and administrations.


It is my pleasure to share information about some of these enhancements with you in this blog post. It is not meant to be a detailed discussion of each enhancement, but rather should serve as an overview of the key enhancements and values that have been delivered in this release cycle, and as a launch point to pages which provide additional detail.


User Experience

Completely new, modern web user experience for Configuration Manager persona, introducing not just a state-of-the-art web UI, but also a variety of new innovations to improve the daily activities of a CMDB Administrator or Configuration Manager. See product documentation for an overview of the enhancements in this area. More information to come in the BMC Communities about this exciting new UI that has received very positive reviews from participants in the beta program.


Improved UI Configurability for Smart IT User Experience for Remedy, allowing customers to implement a flexible UI behavior in alignment with their customized mid-tier ITSM UI through a new expression-based approach. Unlike UI customizations via JavaScript insertions, this approach is easier to setup and maintain between releases. Capabilities of this new approach include:

  • Flexible placement of custom fields on supported Smart IT screens, incl. hiding of ootb fields
  • Dynamic change of field properties and field values
  • Expanded input/output for provider actions
  • Ability to use custom fields to ticket console as columns or filters

See Introducing Smart IT 2.0: Now with added configurability for more details.


Aside from the key focus on UI configurability for Smart IT, BMC is also delivering a set of other Smart IT enhancements, including Performance Improvements for Smart IT User Experience for Remedy.


Cognitive Service Management

In support of BMC's Cognitive Service Management strategy, I am very excited to announce the availability of first cognitive capabilities in the Remedy ITSM solution and in the Remedy platform. Starting with version 9.1.04, customers can use existing data in Remedy to train a Machine Learning algorithm, delivered by BMC as cloud-based Cognitive Service and based on IBM's Watson Natural Language Classifier API, and then use the BMC Cognitive Service to classify input data (e.g. text fields with natural language text). As part of the ITSM solution, BMC uses this new capability to deliver new cognitive auto-categorization of ITSM tickets, which allows to categorize tickets correctly with high confidence, and which in turn will improve quality of auto-assignment of tickets.


Another area of high interest and demand from Service Desk organizations is the option to use a Chatbot to deliver more efficient customer support 24x7. BMC delivers a new Chatbot capability, via a BMC Chat UI or via Slack as part of the omni-channel strategy for BMC Digital Workplace.


Multi-Cloud Service Management

BMC has been talking a lot about digital transformation over the past years. Every industry is going through a major transformation where they are under competitive pressure to provide digital services, not just products, and for the delivery of these digital services they are often relying on multi-cloud environments from multiple providers to operate at the highest efficiency, highest speed, and at the lowest cost.


To help our customers deliver and support these digital services in a multi-cloud, multi-provider environment, we are extending Remedy with a Multi-Cloud Service Management add-on that allows companies to automatically broker incidents to ticket management systems of external providers. BMC enables companies to easily setup such ticket brokering capability with pre-built connectors for leading providers like Amazon AWS or Salesforce, while also enabling customers and partners to build their own connectors or define their own rules when such ticket brokering is triggered.


The same Multi-Cloud Service Management service is also used to help companies build integrations of Remedy with agile SW development tools like Jira. With this capability, users can easily create Jira Issues from Remedy Incidents, without any manual data entry, and they can also create Remedy Change Requests from Jira User stories or relate multiple Jira User stories to a Remedy Change Request. See BMC Multi-Cloud Service Management (Ticket Brokering, Jira Integration, DevOps and more..) for more details


Remedy ITSM Applications

While the Remedy product team puts a lot of focus on innovation in the User Experience area, reflecting an already strong set of functional capabilities, the team continues to deliver enhancements to the Remedy ITSM applications, with a goal to further reduce the administrative effort for those applications. In version 9.1.04, BMC delivers two key enhancements for ITSM application administration:


Starting with version 9.1.04, the Remedy Deployment Application now allows to easily package task templates and task group templates into a deployment package, making it easier for administrators to build out and test these templates on a Remedy development/test instance, before deploying them into production. The Deployment Management Console enables admins to simply select the templates that need to be packaged, and then ensure that all relevant configuration data is included in the package.


Also new in 9.1.04 is the ability to define approval rules for Remedy Change and Release Management, which determine the approver for a change or a release based on the People-CI relationships of the CIs related to the change / release. This helps significantly reduce the administrative effort to define approvals rules for changes and releases, and help leveraging relationships that are already maintained by many customers.


Remedy Platform

Within Remedy platform version 9.1.04, BMC delivers a rich set of platform-related improvements that help Remedy on-premise customers reduce cost of operations and administration for their Remedy environment.


9.1.04 delivers significant improvements to the Zero Downtime Upgrade capability for the Remedy Platform: Several manual steps of the process have been automated. If, for some reason, the platform upgrade fails, the platform components and the file system are rolled back to the earlier version. All these enhancements allow customers to safely perform in-place upgrades of the Remedy platform without impact on the overall Remedy ITSM service. This recorded Connect with Remedy webinar session about Zero-Downtime Upgrades provides additional insight into the approach.


Starting with version 9.1.04, customers can now use the Remedy Deployment Application to easily deploy new Remedy platform patches and hotfixes into their Remedy environment, including new binaries. Remedy administrator no longer have to run patch installers on each server of a server group across multiple environments (Development, QA, and Production) to deploy new binaries. Platform patches are now delivered as deployable packages. When a Remedy administrator deploys such a package on a primary server in a server group, the changes / new binaries provided through the patch or hotfix are applied on all the secondary servers automatically.  Please note that there are also a number of other enhancements in the Remedy Deployment Application v9.1.04.


Last but not least, Remedy 9.1.04 also makes it easier for Remedy administrator to centrally enable logging in a Remedy server group environment, reduces CPU resource usage on mid-tier server by 50%, and informs users of the mid-tier UI about an upcoming session timeout.


Remedy Single Sign-On

With version 9.1.04, Remedy Single Sign-On implements now the OAuth 2.0 protocol, and allows for authentication using OpenID Connect, an authentication method that is built on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Remedy Single Sign-on also extends support of other BMC solutions by adding support for TrueSight Presentation Server and BMC Innovation Suite.


Remedy Smart Reporting

With version 9.1.04, Remedy Smart Reporting delivers new out-of-the-box KPI reports for the following ITIL processes:

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Work Order Management

For more information, see Out-of-the-box KPI reports available with Remedy Smart Reporting.  In addition, there is a new Java based on-boarding utility for Smart Reporting.


Additional Utilities

In support of the new Remedy 9.1.04 release, the Remedy product team also release a number of value-add utilities to the BMC Communities. These are unsupported at this time, but BMC will evaluate based on customer feedback whether to include it in the standard product at a later time.


Some references to additional information about this release:


I'd like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who's actively engaged in the BMC Communities. The Remedy community spaces - Remedy ITSM, Remedy AR System and CMDB - are the most active spaces in the BMC Communities, delivering immense value to the entire Remedy customer base and to BMC, and your contributions help to make this such a great place to hang out. Special thanks to the community members who have contributed ideas that we have implemented in this Fall 2017 release cycle. Enjoy the year end and have a great start into 2018.


Peter Adams

Director, Product Management