In line with continuing the theme of simplifying Remedy platform upgrades, one key objective is to minimize downtime during the platform upgrade. In case of in-place upgrade approach, downtime can be significant. And in case of staging environment upgrade approach, it needs replica of production and running Delta Data Migration with some downtime to switch over.


Zero Downtime Platform Upgrade has been introduced and recommended by BMC for platform components. The idea leverages concept of AR System Server Group to enable the platform upgrade on a production server group one server at a time, while the other servers continue to function seamlessly and continue to serve the end user requests.


Following are the benefits of this approach:

• Application is always available to the end users

• No need for data migration, since this is in-place upgrade

• In case of an issue during upgrade, the system recovers itself and continues to work in sustenance. Upgrade can be restarted again on the recovered system in Zero Downtime fashion

This session will present nitty-gritties of Zero Downtime Platform Upgrade, the process, how it can be used effectively and best practices to ensure successful platform upgrade


Ashutosh Deshpande is a Principal Product Developer


Below is the webinar recording and is also available as a podcast on iTunes.





For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Steven Duncan

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