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In this reocrded session Vaibhav will cover troubleshooting providers in Digital Workplace Basic (MyIT).  He will review eight (8) different troubleshooting use cases.


is a Lead Technical Support Analyst


Below is the webinar recording and is also available as a podcast on iTunes.





Presentation References

  • Unable to start DWP after upgrade that completed with warning - KA 000144658
  • Unable to reserve the conference room - KA 000103821
  • Unable to Login to DWP/MyIT - KA 000120701
  • Unable to search against custom RKM Template in DWP - KA 000115022
  • Unable to open AIF from DWP - KA 000061651 and Video
  • Unable to broadcast to LDAP Groups with MyIT Broadcast - KA 000143533
  • Not able to retrieve items from the CLM Catalog - KA 000130966 and Video
  • Unable to send Broadcast to Remedy Groups - KA 000144659
  • List of Providers
  • YouTube Video on Exploring Providers


For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Steven Duncan

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