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Please join Juergen as he presents an Introduction to Business Workflows in January 2018 webinar.


In this session, Juergen will provide an introduction to BMC’s new Business Workflow application. Built as a cloud-native application on the Innovation Suite, this new service management application can be used by organizations to provide a better quality of service to employees in a scalable and cost-effective way. After explaining the basics, Juergen will do a live demo of the application covering:

• Creating cases using a chatbot interface

• Approving cases in Digital Workplace

• Resolving cases in Business Workflows

• Using Quick Case to create new cases

• Managing case visibility across organizational departments


Juergen Hauser is a Principal Product Manager


Below is the recording from the live webinar including Q&A asked during the event.  The recording is also available as a podcast on iTunes.



Additionally, you can find questions discussed during the webinar session in an attachment or on this online document.


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For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Steven Duncan

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