This blog post is a follow-up from a previous post (Getting more value out of your Remedy ITSM solution by moving from Remedy 7.6.04 to 9.1 . This time I focus on the additional capabilities and value that customers get when they move from deployment based on Remedy 8.1 version to the latest Remedy 9.1 version (incl. latest service pack level).


I'd remind all of our customers who are still on version 8.1 at this time that all Remedy 8.1 versions are currently in limited support status, with a targeted 'end of version support' on Feb 28, 2018. While support status is an important driver for some customers to move to a newer Remedy version, the real value of the upgrade comes from the additional capabilities that you get with the new version 9.1. The goal of this blog post is to describe these new capabilities concisely. It is not the only source of information about the value of Remedy 9 upgrade. See e.g. the cool video at Remedy 9 Upgrade Also, the product documentation contains much more detail about each new capability, if you are interested. And last but not least, I want to point to the "Connect with Remedy" webinar series.

(Note: for up-to-date information about end of support dates for all BMC product versions, you can always go to BMC Support --> Supported Products A – Z and then pick the BMC product name. For BMC Remedy ITSM this brings you to the following page, where all the versions and end of support dates are listed:


One obvious reasons why we recommend an upgrade to the latest service pack version of Remedy 9.1 is to continue to get regular updates from BMC. We want our customers to have the best possible experience with our product, and support and maintenance services from our highly skilled team of support engineers is an essential element for success. For the latest version of Remedy we continue to deliver regular updates with fixes and significant enhancements.


Even more importantly, Remedy 9.1 also delivers significant new capabilities, that we have released to the market over the past 4 years as part of version releases 9.0.x and 9.1.x. Version 9.1 will bring your existing Remedy solution onto a modern technology platform, will enable you to deliver a delightful and highly efficient user experience (both web and mobile), and you have the option to use a number of great new features that weren’t available in version 8.1. In many cases these new features may allow you to reduce the number of customizations, which in turn can make you more agile for adopting new Remedy versions in the future.  All this will help you improve the value and the perception of the Remedy solution in your company. If you haven’t seen or heard anything about Remedy 9 yet, I recommend that you start with our Remedy 9 landing page and have a look at the overview video (2min). That'll give you an impression how much Remedy has improved.


In the remainder of this blog I’d like to list some key new capabilities available as part of Remedy 9.1, which are not available for your 8.1 version. Note that both Users and Admins benefit tremendously from these new capabilities. My intent is to give you a quick reference of the key enhancements between 8.1 and 9.1.  A comprehensive list of all new features or a detailed discussion of the key enhancements would be too much for a blog like this. You should rather see this as a starting point from which you can go into various additional resource use the hyperlinks that I provide. So, here you go:


Key New Capabilities for Users


Smart Reporting
  • Modern, state-of-the-art in-app reporting solution with beautiful, high-value ITSM reports and social collaboration capabilities built-in
  • Powerful drag-and-drop features that empowers both non-technical users and technical users to create new reports in self-service mode
  • Supported on web, iOS & Android

Picture1.pngDocumentation           Recorded Demos

Knowledge Centered Support
  • KCS best practices now embedded in the Remedy knowledge management capabilities to ensure that the quality of the knowledge base is continuously improved
  • Improves ability for business users to self-serve and helps service desk agents reduce time to resolve incidents.

Picture2.png Documentation     

Optimized for the Smart IT and Digital Workplace Enhanced User Experience for higher user satisfaction and engagement
  • Modern, easy-to-used web and mobile UI for IT and business users
  • Smart, effective interactions through proactive guidance provided by the ITSM system
  • World-class service catalog solution and digital workplace capabilities for business users
  • Improved customer service delivery through comprehensive contextual information about customers, services, assets, and sites
  • Easy email-based interactions for approval and ticket creation / updates

Picture3.pngDocumentation – Smart IT                 Recorded Demo – Smart IT    Documentation – MyIT                       Recorded Demo - MyIT

Enhanced Change Management Capabilities
  • Easy creation of change request for non-ITSM experts through a wizard based approach
  • Dynamic query mechanism to add CIs in bulk

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Key New Capabilities for Admins


Modern Platform that is now 100% implemented based on Java
  • Significant simplification and modernization of the Remedy platform code base, leading to higher quality
  • Enables use of industry-standard tools for troubleshooting, tuning and administration
  • Performance improvements in various areas, including 10x faster search performance
  • RESTful web services for easy integration with internal and external solutions


New Deployment Manager Tool
  • Fast roll-out of code and configuration data changes from development to production instances

Picture5.png Documentation

Remedy Single Sign-on
  • Lightweight and simple to configure SSO solution for Remedy and other BMC tools
  • Support for LDAP, Kerberos, CAC/PIV, SAML
  • Supports double authentication of change approvals in support of industry regulations such as Title 21 CFR Part 11

Picture6.png Documentation

Enhanced data access controls for security and privacy
  • Support for hierarchical groups within ITSM applications
  • Segregated access to ticket data based on (hierarchical) support groups
  • Assignment menu tied to company field to reduce accidental mis-assignments to wrong group


New policy-based archiving solution for ITSM records
  • Auto-archival of core ITSM record and associated records (e.g. work info)
  • Continuous archiving of closed tickets older than x weeks / months



Just as a reminder: the easiest way to experience how these key enhancements look like is to access a hosted trial environment for Remedy 9.1 (incl. Smart IT, Digital Workplace and Smart Reporting). Sign up is easy.


Transition to Remedy 9.1 - We made it easier than ever

Innovation is not always easy to consume. Concepts and user experience may be changing, technology may be changing, and careful planning is required to get to successful outcomes.  BMC Remedy is taking pride in helping customers make this transition to modern IT Service Management easy and painless. First of all, as with previously introduced new capabilities (web UI, best-practice view, ...) we’re not forcing you to use the new capabilities described above as part of the upgrade to Remedy 9.1. They are recommended, but ultimately they are optional, and if you want to first upgrade to 9.1 and use your existing environment “as is”, and then later on adopt these new capabilities, you can do so. There is a transition period, where we support both old and new, and allows you to move at your own pace. Second, if you are a customer who manages your Remedy solution in-house, it’s important to understand that upgrading to Remedy 9.1 is easier than ever. Many customers who recently upgraded to a new Remedy version have experience significantly shorter upgrade projects. BMC has delivered a number of unique enhancements for the upgrade process over the past years:

  • Simpler upgrade installer with fewer screens, fewer information you have to provide
  • Easier transfer of customizations to new 9.1 version via granular overlay concept and 3-way reconciliation tool
  • Zero downtime upgrade of Remedy platform and Atrium CMDB
  • Interactive guidance of required upgrade steps
  • Call home feature for easy support from BMC during upgrade project
  • Choice of in-place or staged upgrade process

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 1.45.10 PM.png Documentation

You may also consider moving to Remedy OnDemand as part of this move to Remedy 9.1, so that this and future upgrades are handled for you by BMC. We certainly hope you consider upgrading to version 9.1 to ensure a continued, smooth use of your Remedy solution. Questions?  Did I miss some important feature?  Feel free to post comments below.  For a demo of the new Remedy ITSM 9.1 solution or for a discussion how you can get help with the upgrade, please use our hosted trial environment or contact your sales team or Remedy partner. Additional resources:




Peter Adams