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We are excited to announce general availability of Remedy 9.1 SP3 and Smart IT 1.6. These new releases include several valuable enhancements for our customers, in support of our Service Management Excellence vision.


Smart IT now supports the release manager persona. They can efficiently create, manage and collaborate on releases, using the modern and innovative Smart IT user experience of across web, iOS and Android apps. Smart Reporting includes 40 new out-of-the-box reports, charts and dashboards, a new forecasting and trend-line capability, analytics improvements and a UX refinement. We’ve enhanced the workflows between Smart IT and our BMC Client Management solution to automatically create tickets for endpoint alerts. And for core Remedy, we’ve made the upgrade and install process faster for our on-premises customers, and requiring less downtime.


Smart IT 1.6


New Release Management user experience:

Create and manage Releases throughout their lifecycle in Smart IT:

• New four-step guided process for creating Releases – similar to the Change Request process

• Auto-calculate the risk profile based on related Changes

• Track and approve Releases in the mobile app

• Eighteen new Release Management reports and a new Release Management dashboard


Enhanced workflows with BMC Client Management:

Automatically turn Client Management alerts into Incidents in Remedy and view them in Smart IT. Enables the Service Desk organization to proactively resolve issues with endpoints. Common alert types include:

• New device on network discovered that doesn’t have a Client Management agent

• Endpoint has low disk space

• Endpoint has a software license that has expired


New hybrid deployment option with Smart IT on-premises and Digital Workplace / MyIT in the cloud.




Remedy 9.1 SP3


New charts and reports for Smart Reporting:

Twelve new charts and KPIs, in addition to the eighteen new Release Management reports and dashboard:

• New KPI charts for Incident and Work orders

• New Knowledge Management reports to identify trends in keyword searches and article usage


Smart Reporting analytics improvements:

• Add forecasts and trend-lines to charts

• New rich query capability for creating calculated fields

• New subquery capability makes it easy to combine fields from multiple tables into a single report

• New ability to report on hierarchical CMDB configuration item (CI) data


Easier navigation and use of Smart Reporting UI:

• New “My Content” section keeps track of your draft and published content

• Refined UI and navigation

• New “Quick Create” button

• New content creation canvas allows freeform drag-and-drop creation of infographics and rich dashboards


Remedy installation and upgrade improvements:

• Faster installation on secondary servers

• ITSM application upgrades are faster and require less downtime by using a multi-phase upgrade process


Atrium Core enhancements:

• New class BMC_CloudInstance added to CMDB data model in support of cloud service discovery and management

• New version of Pentaho software used by Atrium Integrator


Other Remedy platform, CMDB and application enhancements:

• New rich text editor for users of the mid-tier UI

• REST API enhancements in Remedy platform and Atrium CMDB

• New bulk actions in job console, improve user experience and data cleanup in Data Management module

• Improved documentation of upgrade process


In addition, this release includes several customer-driven bug fixes and performance enhancements.



For more information, please check out the release notes for

Remedy AR System 9.1 SP3

Atrium CMDB 9.1 SP3

Remedy ITSM Suite 9.1 SP3

Smart IT 1.6


Thank you for your continued support of the Remedy family of products and we look forward to updating you on more innovative product enhancements in the coming months.


Kind regards


The Remedy team