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We are excited to announce several enhancements to support our Service Management Excellence vision.


In this latest release, we are introducing new capabilities for managing Data Loss Prevention in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365, change automation workflows, remote management of client devices, several new features to aid with service desk productivity and, for on premises customers, enhancements to the install and upgrade process – we just made the path to Remedy 9.1 super easy! Read on for more detail:


Remedy 9.1 SP2


Enhanced installs and upgrade experience:

Easier install and upgrade process to implement Remedy 9.1 for on premises deployments. We’ve made huge steps forward with upgrade and installation capabilities, based on learnings from upgrading 350+ customer databases ourselves and with partners.

  • 30% faster installer performance through increased automation
  • 40% reduction in upgrade time for the IT Service Management stack
  • Out-of-the-box production ready configurations
  • Enhanced configuration checker to validate configurations and identify conflicts
  • Improved guided upgrade documentation
  • Bug fixes and other performance improvements


Data compliance integration with Microsoft Office 365

New integration with Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution enables Security and Compliance Administrators to manage data policy breaches as a Remedy ticket.

  • Manage DLP incidents in Remedy with contextual data about the breach 
  • Protect confidential data via masking 
  • DLP specific Smart Reports highlight repeat offenders and common breaches


Change automation

New automation workflows between Remedy and BladeLogic accelerate data center changes and deployments.

  • Trigger automation jobs in BladeLogic from a change request in Remedy
  • Enrich automation job details
  • Automatically create change requests in Remedy for common BladeLogic automation jobs


Smart IT 1.5 SP1


Remote support for client systems with BMC Client Management

Manage desktops, laptops, mobile devices and other client devices directly from Smart IT with new automated workflows between Remedy and BMC Client Management:

  • View asset configuration details, discovered by BMC Client Management, from the asset ticket in Smart IT.
  • Get detailed insight into hardware, software, local system events and security.
  • Trigger device audit, reboot, shut down or wake up actions directly from Smart IT


Decision Tree Knowledge Articles

Decision Tree Knowledge Articles provide step-by-step guided help to IT and self-service users and are now supported in Smart IT:

  • Search and view Decision Tree Knowledge Articles from Smart IT user interface
  • Rapidly navigate to relevant knowledge based on questions
  • Accessible via web and mobile apps


Rapid Asset Swap capability for field teams

Swap old assets with replacements using barcode recognition from a mobile device camera.

  • Initiate “swap” action from the old asset
  • Associate replacement asset via barcode scan from mobile device
  • Transfer people/group, location and status data between assets


Other Service Desk efficiency enhancements

Smart IT 1.5 SP1 includes several other enhancements designed to improve the productivity of service management users:

  • Set favorite ticket console filters as the default view
  • Improved approval detail for Change Requests with multiple approvers and approval groups
  • Use either Social Media or Absolute date formats for activity timeline posts


Thank you for your continued support of the Remedy family of products and we look forward to updating you on more innovative product enhancements in the coming months.


Kind regards


The Remedy team