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Happy New Year! Throughout 2015 we’ve been busy building Smart, Beautiful and Powerful software to help you be more productive and we’re excited to announce an abundance of new Remedy, Smart IT and HR Case Management features and enhancements for you to start the new year with. Available now for you to optimize your ITSM or HR Case Management activities!


Remedy 9.1


New content for Remedy Smart Reporting

Several new reports and dashboards with actionable visualizations to provide even greater insight out-of-the-box:

  • New dashboard for Service Owners provides insight into service availability trends and activity related to the service
  • Additional KPIs added for Problem Managers and Availability Managers
  • Reports and dashboards for KCS (see Smart IT enhancements below)
  • New Admin reports to get insight into Smart Reporting trends, usage and performance
  • New geo packs to create charts and graphs with spatial and location data
  • Additional AR JDBC functions for complex report creation


Data access and privacy enhancements

Many new features to provide more control and granularity over data access and visibility:

  • New configurable group hierarchy to enable rollup access for parent/child groups to ITSM data
  • New data access segregation to control ticket visibility based on support groups
  • Ticket assignment enhancements to prevent accidental misassignment or data visibility across tenants or companies


Continued platform innovation

Other key highlights including customer-driven enhancements:

  • Call-home feature can now quickly extract application version, plug-in configurations and upgrade history for faster issue resolution of on premises implementations.
  • New features for data and code deployments including workflow object rollbacks
  • Zero-downtime upgrades for AR System and CMDB now supported on all platforms
  • Many additional enhancements for archiving, platform management, data management, AR JDBC and a new lightweight Single Sign On (SSO) web application


Remedy with Smart IT 1.3 and 1.3 SP1


The latest Smart IT releases extend the list of personas in the new Smart IT user experience to Problem Coordinators, Change Coordinators / Change Managers and KCS Coaches so you can perform advanced ITSM activities quickly and intuitively from any device. We have also continued to refine the Smart IT user experience based on customer feedback and improved performance.


Support for Problem Coordinator Persona

Easily create and manage Problem investigations and Known Errors in the new Smart IT user experience:

  • Create problem records from scratch, from an existing incident or as a copy of an existing problem record
  • Configurable views to manage the lifecycle of problem records and collaborate around root cause analysis
  • Easily view problem records in the ticket console and receive real-time dashboard updates
  • Quickly create knowledge articles and change requests from problem records
  • Collaborate with other problem coordinators or specialists for root cause analysis
  • Supported on mobile devices


Support for Change Coordinators and Change Managers Persona

Added a number of advanced Change Management features for Change Coordinators and Change Managers in the new Smart IT user experience:

  • Detect, review and manage collisions
  • Review the impact analysis of change requests with a new graphical display of impact models and quickly associate impacted configuration items to the change record
  • New drag-and-drop calendar for assisted change scheduling
  • Supported on mobile devices


Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)

KCS best practices are now comprehensively supported within Remedy ITSM to integrate the creation and maintenance of knowledge into the support process.

  • New optional user role system matched to the standard KCS profiles - Candidate, Contributor, Publisher and Coach
  • New, configurable, in-line article quality assessments to drive higher quality articles
  • New knowledge article template in alignment with KCS recommendations
  • Tracking of responsiveness to flagged knowledge articles
  • New KCS Coach dashboard to mange the entire knowledge team
  • New out-of-the-box KCS performance reports in Remedy Smart Reporting
  • Supported on mobile devices


Customer-driven Enhancements

  • Configurable notifications for Smart IT and classic Remedy ITSM by tenant company and application
  • New refresh button for consoles
  • Additional filters and content for the Updates feed in the Dashboard
  • More granular hierarchy to browse support groups or sites


HR Case Management 4.6


HR Case Management is a new, dedicated service management application designed specifically for the needs of Human Resources service centers. It’s powered by the Remedy platform, so you can leverage your Remedy development and operations expertise to deliver value to your company in a new domain area.


This release provides some great new functionality for automating HR self-service, reporting and data privacy

  • Remedy Smart Reporting is now available for HR Case Management and includes many out-of-the-box reports for HR professionals
  • MyHR – incorporates several enhancements to deliver an intuitive self-service app for HR Case Management, with the same delightful mobile-and web-based user experience as MyIT.
  • Data security and visibility model enhancements to HR Case Management, the Remedy platform and MyHR to support HR privacy, risk and compliance requirements.
  • Now supporting on premise deployments alongside OnDemand.
  • Contact your sales representative for pricing and more information


Thank you for your continued support of the Remedy family of products and we look forward to updating you on more innovative product enhancements in the coming months.


Kind regards


The Remedy team