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CMDB Best Practices

Coffee Break Q&A


Based on the attendance and interest in the Connect with Remedy CMDB Best Practices webinar we are having a special CMDB Best Practices Coffee Break Q&A session.  Please join us during this virtual "Coffee Break" as we discuss the top questions asked during the webinar, then take other questions.

We will be taking live Q&A and our panelists will be:

Below is the recording from the live webinar including Q&A asked during the event.  The recording is also available as a podcast on iTunes.

The answer to "How to delete Cis using Atrium Integrator"

With 7.6.04, Atrium Integrator ships OOTB sample job has BMC SAMPLES/BMC_Computer_System_Delete which will mark the CIs deleted if not present in source.

In the case of 8.0 or later, if job is being created using AUI wizard, then after mapping the attributes, you will find "Delete: Delete Orphaned records from CMDB" option on Transformation Tab.  This option has automated the creation of delete job similar to Sample job (mentioned above).

The documentation reference on sample delete job mentioned above -

Community post referring the delete job -

More documentation references when cleanup is desired



Additionally, you can find questions discussed during the webinar session in pdf attachment below or in this online document


If you have any additional questions on the information provided in this webinar, then we suggest you to please create new discussion in BMC Remedy Community group.

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For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Gregory Kiyoi or Steven Duncan