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In this blog post we will cover a corner case where a change request is moved to the Approval phase but gets stuck with the ‘Approve’ Condition. If you missed it, see our earlier blog post The Pulse: Addressing Change Approval Failures on other failure cases and how to investigate them.

These change requests have entered an unknown state and the Change Manager and Change Coordinator are not able to complete and close those change requests as scheduled.

Change Request.png

To clear these change requests, use the utility FIX-UTL-ReSetApprovalFlag-Utility

This utility resets the approval status and Active reason field as per the data from the change request. After a successful data reset operation, the Change Manager or Change Coordinator can update and implement the change request and close it successfully.

Additionally you can also check below discussions on which this utility was useful to reset the stuck change requests.

Re: Change Requests stucks intermittently

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