Here’s the final installment in our series on results of a recent survey of BMC Remedy customers.



The survey we did with TechValidate to examine how BMC Remedy customers are using the product and how they feel about it has yielded some exciting and interesting results. Take a look at my previous posts on industry trends and customer benefits (e.g. huge cost savings) to get the full picture.


Today, I’m going to focus on what the customers said in their own words. Anyone who has ever received feedback via a survey knows that the comments are the best part of the results. Don’t get me wrong; the data is extremely important. But the comments provide people the chance to provide feedback that the specific questions might have missed and to tell how they really feel about the product.


I have to say, the comments we got in this survey were music to my ears. Customers were able to respond anonymously, which allowed them to be candid with their responses. While the medium of online surveys can yield a lot of criticism, I was pleasantly surprised with not only the positive tenor of comments, but also how customer shared about what Remedy means in their jobs. I noticed a few recurring themes in the feedback we received.



Integration is important to our customers. Respondents gave us kudos for BMC Remedy's ease of use with new and sophisticated users, its flexibility and its ability to work well with other applications.


Another recurring theme was around ITIL alignment. One comment in particular made me smile: "Implementation of the BMC Remedy Suite, along with having strong ITIL practices within the organization allowed us to achieve the next level in service management."


Enterprise class was the third recurring area I saw. My favorite, from an IT professional in state/local government: “BMC Remedy ITSM is the standard against which all other enterprise-class IT Service Management applications are judged.”


If you weren’t one of the customers who participated in the survey, please don't let that stop you from sharing your thoughts on BMC Remedy. Feel free to share them in the comments, join another discussion, attend a user group meeting or join us at our annual user event, BMC Engage, in October where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns in person with our engineering, support, and management teams.