We continue our look at survey data on how BMC Remedy customers use Remedy, and what they think of their Remedy experience...


As I mentinoed a couple weeks ago, I’m writing this series of posts on the results of the TechValidate survey. Part 1 focused on industry trends. Today’s focus has been on how our customers are using BMC Remedy. Part 3 will take a look at what some of the survey responders said about the product.


Here at BMC Software we have never been shy about touting the ability of BMC Remedy to reduce costs and improve service for our customers. In fact, we brag about it pretty regularly and have had some great customers like the U.S. Navy talk publicly about how they’ve improved service within their organizations by using our market leading IT Service Management software.


IT spending is always under the microscope. If an IT initiative isn’t going to save money, it probably won’t make it past someone’s wish list. We know that IT organizations really have to show their executives that any new project or program is going to pay for itself and then some. So we were really excited about one of the more eye-popping examples in the survey that found that more than 70 percent of our customers reduced costs by more than 10 percent since implementing BMC Remedy. Even more impressive: 12 percent cut their costs in half or more! Now that is IT proving its value.


BMC Remedy can help organizations in a lot of ways, so we also took a look at just how our customers are using it. (Note: Respondents could provide more than one answer.)




In the meantime, we’d love to hear more about how you and your colleagues are using BMC Remedy. Join a discussion, come to a user group meeting, and come join us at BMC Engage, our annual users’ event. BMC takes our customers’ opinions very seriously so please don’t be shy about sharing them.