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Hello There Service Level Management Community!

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

The title may spur many of you to begin singing the famous Rolling Stones tune, but that is not my objective here. Rather, I do want to take a moment to briefly introduce myself to you. I am Rich Bradley and recently stepped in as the Product Manager for your BMC Service Level Management solution. So, you may ask yourself, "who is this and what does it mean to me?" Well, I am glad you asked. I am no stranger to BMC having marked over 7 years with BMC in a number of roles including Software Consulting and Product Management. My past experiences and education have included a variety of roles both in technology and in business. Leveraging skills and knowledge from both of these domains have enabled me to help customers realize value from BMC solutions in manners they may not have otherwise achieved. This is precisely what our BMC Product Management team wants to ensure you are experiencing with BMC Service Level Management. If you are not perceiving value then let's make sure we talk! Better yet, make sure to engage others by participating in this community. Together, as a community, I am confident we can help each other achieve more.


One Good Turn Deserves Another

Certainly it is important to note when there may be challenges to value perceptions. However, it may be even more critical to highlight value achievements. What do I mean by this? Well, simply, let's make sure we note the types of uses and analysis that provides insight into opportunities to improve processes, exceed expectations or improve operating results. I encourage everyone to use this space not just as resource to get problems discussed, but to also share your success stories so that we can help others apply BMC Service Level Management in ways they may not have previously considered in their organization.


Ok, I've Got My Seatbelt On

Our goal is simple - create a space that helps foster discussion about best practices, analysis techniques, technical issues, improvement areas and anything else that would make a difference in helping you and organization to use Service Level Management to continually improve results. In addition, we will be actively looking for your feedback through discussions, polls, blogs and other means on this community. Please take an active role and participate in these feedback options. It is never too early nor too late to start. So jump in and let us know your thoughts!


Thank you to everyone that has joined our community and let's get even more collaboration going!


Best regards,