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BMC Customer Support is always looking for better ways to enable success with BMC Software solutions.  Recent activities have focused on adding useful content to BMC Communities.  This digest summarizes some of those contributions in the last month, and also looks at noteworthy contributions and developments within the Remedy ITSM communities.


Released in the last month


The most popular topic for the month was planning for successful upgrades to Remedy ITSM version 8.1, and both Smita Ithape's blog on Upgrading ITSM 8.1 and Doug Reif's webinar on Upgrading to Remedy 8.1 - Things that you really need to know rated as the most popular content.


Also this month,, David Still shared details on FTS Fortification to make Full Text Search functionality more robust for both versions 7.6.04 and 8.1.

Justin Bakker started with a mission of making sense of the cryptic ARERR 9351 message, and in the process produced a riveting tale of how the MidTier communicates with the web server.


Jared Jones took a detailed look at how People and CI's relate to one another, and more importantly, how those relationships are stored in the BMC Remedy ITSM applications, and Suyog Bandhaokar shared his experience on the best ways to investigate when Service Request Management does not create tickets in fulfillment applications.


Shivkumar Manakshe posted the Support Notes document for Change Management 8.1.00, collecting the information he shares most frequently supporting that application and version.   This can be a big time-saver for those encountering issues with this version, or planning to deploy it.  Shivkumar plans to update it whenever there are important updates in his experience supporting the application.


Community growth and areas of interest

The Remedy ITSM communities continue to thrive independently.  There are hundreds of active community members in each product community, and lots of discussion.  Below are hot topics from the month of August.


Questions that generated the most views in August were:

and still generating a lot of interest in August, months after its release:


In addition to those listed above, the most Like’d content for the month was:


In addition to those above, which were viewed and like’d frequently, these discussions generated the most comments:



I hope this digest provides useful information, please add comments below if you would like to see more of these, or other kinds of information in this format.