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I know, I know, it has been a while since I shared some videos. Had some time off in summer and spent few weeks with my family in Germany. I used the opportunity to visit some Remedy customers in Germany and France. It's always amazing to me what sophisticated systems these customers have built with Remedy ITSM to support their critical IT services. I never stop learning.


The video that I want to share today was created by my fellow PM colleague Jon Hall, who explains what's new in the latest release (v8.1) of BMC Mobility for Remedy ITSM. Key topics: better performance, easier search capabilities, and ability to handle custom incident fields.





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Some errors are clearer than others and the same goes for errors thrown by Remedy. Session is invalid or has timed out is pretty clear, Required field not specified is self-explanatory. They’re no-brainers, you know what to do – or at least get a clue what they mean and you’re able to work towards a solution. But what about Unable to setup data connection, which is preventing the application from working correctly? What data connection is it talking about? What does it mean it’s not working correctly? How is it preventing the application from working? Other than the error the system seems to work fine, it’s not like the system is crashing or it’s stopping you from using the application. It just comes up once in a while. So what does it actually mean?


To read more, go here: The Pulse: What data connection is ARERR9351 really trying to set up?

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We have seen quick adoption for Remedy ITSM 8.1 from the customer base with install and upgrade activities being front and center. This post shares some thoughts on how to create plan around application install and useful resources while running the installation.  I will also cover some frequent questions, how they fit into this topic, and quick references to answer these questions.

Summary of the Blog is as below:

  • End to end Process and Approach on ITSM 8.1 Upgrade information
  • Recommendation
  • Informative Links of wiki Pages with Known Issues and compatibility Matrix
  • Known Issues and Related Knowledge articles to the Topic



To start on this activity, we recommend you to review the information from below web links

Enhancements in version 8.1.00

Developer Studio Tips and Tricks - Plug-in Development

Remedy ITSM 8.1 Videos - Installation Related

BMC Remedy Pre-Checker Utility for Remedy ITSM 8.1

Upgrading to BMC Remedy 8.1 -Things that you really need to know


Below are some of the guidelines, which we recommend you to follow when you plan your application, upgrade activity:


Planning To Upgrade:

This section will cover following points which would be useful during upgrade of BMC Remedy ITSM Suite solution

  • Compatibility matrix before upgradeUpgrade.jpg
  • Upgrade Requirements, Preparing database for Upgrade
  • Downloading Installation Files for Upgrade


Preparing for Upgrade

KA394583: Installing ITSM 8.1 need to install all the modules on all AR Servers in a Server Group?

KA288021: Steps to prepare for successful ITSM upgrade/install from 7.x to a higher version of 7.x


Following link provide information and recommendations on using Stage upgrade process

Restrictions after restoring the database on the staging server with overlays



Migrating Delta Data after Upgrade:


The Delta Data Migration Tool is used during last stage of upgrade process to move data which was created or changed after copying the production database from your production server to the staging server.

For more information about this tool, see Migrating delta data after an upgrade


If you have previously installed BMC Remedy AR System 7.6.04 and have already implemented overlays you need to perform below stages for upgrade process:

Upgrading with overlays already present


If you do not have overlays implemented in your existing server and want to keep all customizations then, we recommend you to check the information from below topic

Upgrading without overlays already present

Upgrade flow.jpg

To understand the list of browsers that are compatible with ITSM application we recommend you to review the utility, BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility


To understand the related requirement about upgrade activity, we recommend you to review the information from below documentation portal space.

Reviewing the upgrade requirements


Review the BMC Remedy AR System and BMC Atrium compatibility matrix

Review the requirements for your computer platform:
a. Review the hardware requirements for your computer platform.
b. Review the software requirements for your computer platform.
c. Review the 32-bit and 64-bit requirements for your computer.
d. Review the additional Atrium Core upgrade requirements.

Prepare your database before you start the upgrade.


Complete the MS Excel planning spreadsheet.

Download the installation files.

Prepare your components and applications for an upgrade.

Review Understanding how upgrading without overlays works, including the subsections. This information will help you understand the importance of overlays during the upgrade process.


Please find below complete steps if you plan to upgrade your server with staging server


Stage 1 - Setting up a staging server for upgrades without overlays already present if you need to set up a staging server

Stage 2 - Upgrade AR System server without overlays present and then upgrade BMC Remedy AR System

Stage 3 - Create overlays for existing customizations

Stage 4 - Acquire origin objects

Stage 5 - Restore origin objects to the staging server (optional)

Stage 6 - Minimize overlays

Stage 7 - Upgrade applications and adjust customizations

     a. Upgrade BMC Atrium Core.

     b. Upgrade BMC Remedy IT Service Management.
     c. Upgrade BMC Service Request Management and Data Visualization modules.
     d. Upgrade BMC Service Level Management.

Stage 8 - Test and promote staging server to production


While upgrading your application pleas keep the note of following activities:


Before installing ITSM Application, Atrium Integrator Server must be successfully installed on the server where AR, CMDB are already installed. Also note that Atrium Integrator has a separate installer and is not part of the Atrium Core installer. Please check additional information from knowledge article KA394300


If you are in server group then then you may follow the below approach for complete server group application upgrade activity

  • Take the secondary down during the full upgrade of the primary
  • Primary has to be removed from the server group prior to upgrade
  • Once fully upgraded (ARS/Atrium/ITSM/SRM/SLM), primary is configured back into the server group
  • Upgrade ARS on secondary whilst it's still down - the upgrade will not work if the secondary is up
  • Upgrade Atrium/ITSM/SRM/SLM on secondary whilst its up and part of the server group



After successful upgrade activity, please keep the note of following information:


Finally, there are a few known issues with Upgrade activity, where it does not work quite as efficiently or cover use cases desired by customers.  These usually have workarounds which are covered in the knowledge base, see the following articles for more information

  • In case if you receives below error message while creating CTM: People form record, then you may need to check if Enable Multiple assignee group option

ARERR [387] Updating this entry will violate join condition
ARERR [302] Entry does not exist in database
ARERR [417] the group name is not a defined group.
The preceding message occurred during the execution of active link CTM:PPL:DialogSave_450_ADDPERSON -- action 2. (ARNOTE 1101)


  • In case none of the application forms have been updated correctly after your upgrade process, then we recommend to you check the setting for the "Overlay-mode:" option from ar.cfg/conf


You can check additional information about this configuration from documentation portal space.

Configuring AR System server to support only origin objects


You can get additional resources about the pre-checker utilities from below web links:



Known issues for the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite installer

Known issues for browsers

KA391625: Not able to add people records after clean 8.1 ITSM installations.

KA394300: ITSM upgrade from 7.6.04 to 8.1 installer issue: Getting the error -> BMC Atrium Integrator Server not detected

In the case of defects, be sure to upgrade to the latest versions and service packs that address them.  Also note that you can use Ideas in Communities to submit and vote on features that you would like to see in the product.

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>> Connect with Remedy Webinar Series

Dear Users,


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in our ‘Connect with Remedy: Upgrading to BMC Remedy 8.1 -Things that you really need to know’ Webinar on August 13, 2013.


We are delighted by the support and contribution that we have received from all of you. The success of our webinar depends on your support and input, and we would like to thank all of you for helping us to achieve such an excellent event.


For people who missed this event or if you would like to go through the recording, watch the video below.



Additionally you can also download Cook book for ITSM 8.1 Upgrade activity from Knowledge article KA400850. This document contains guidelines you can use when upgrading to ITSM Suite 8.1. You may customize this document as required for your specific scenarios.


We strongly recommend, you perform a proof of concept on your test server and analyze the issues, and document the workaround to be used during the actual upgrade.


This document compliments and DOES NOT replace the existing product documentation.Please follow this blog post to receive more updates.


If you get any additional questions on BMC Remedy upgrade activity, then we suggest to create new discussion on BMC Remedy ITSM Community group.


We look forward to meet to you all soon

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